Looking to go further than a Chromecast in smarting up a TV without breaking the bank? The Xiaomi Mi Box S might be the ticket. Let’s check out this very …




  1. Chad Shadow Reply

    I bought this it garbage fire tv box was better his thing can’t handle to many apps and will stall reminds me of the old android phones I had in mid 2010 it not powerful it hangs it freezes when too many app were loading it just crap

  2. Emre Yücel Reply

    Hi Joshua,
    I'm having problem to mirror my Huawei P Smart 2019 phone to Xiaomi Mi Box S. Do you have any idea? Because when I try to connect via Wireless Projector, I cannot see Mi Box S…

  3. Alex Cherevatiy Reply

    Thanks a lot for the vid! Great and informative content. You just mentioned what I was thinking of – take me box instead of a laptop when traveling to boost the hotel’s tv ;).
    I even searched the dedicated vid for this in YouTube while was watching this video, but then you started speaking about mi box during travel and I’ve got all the info I needed :).

  4. The best !!! Netflix , Iptv with sideload Smart Iptv app , aptoide … 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Don. Timeless Reply

    Man I'm pulling my hair trying to install Twitch in this garbage device! I saw videos people having it & some don't! why it doesn't have common app to be installed easily like phones instead of these videos making hack tips?!
    i want to install Twitch on MI box S instead of casting it because it have poor quality & i cant see the chat in the TV when casting it!

  6. Mi Box S: It recently upgraded from Android 8.1 to Android 9.0 & lost a lot of features the main one being a functioning $70 Google Chromecast Ultra that came pre-installed. Support on the phone & by email is dismal at best.

  7. Global version is fine, but the chinese version is pure trash for someone who wants to see Netflix etc.

  8. Freelancer Free Reply

    Best android box ever.cheap.but.powerful.i watch netflix almost everyday this this box.

  9. James Brigz Reply

    Wazzzup bro how are you..can i use this product for an ordenary tv or audio video CRT tv?…thanks bro more power to your channel & god bless

  10. MohammadMehdi Azarnoush Reply

    Thanks for the review
    Recently I've bought mi box s, experiencing lag on my TV is there any solution for that?


  11. I like this little box a lot. $39 and free shipping from Walmart right now. I got two of them. Once I side loaded Prime Video I was set. So long Fire TV. Back to using my external HDD again for library content.

  12. George Todashvili Reply

    Can you tell me wich game controller do you yous in video for gaming? I need it please tell me name or link

  13. Tim Commeijne Reply

    Hi! Can I cast something from my phone when the Mi Box is turned off? Or If I say to my Google home mini: "Hey Google, play Friends on Netflix" will it turn on the Mi Box and start playing? Because I read somewhere that the cast function isn't available when the Mi Box is turned off, and the Mi Box doesn't show up as a casting device on your phone.

  14. whammospaquitos Reply

    Can i connect an external hard drive and can it read and play movies?

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