Is the All ” New ” Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV worth buying? In this video, I take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV sold by WALMART, I do some 4k video …




  1. Ulaganath krishnasamy Reply

    Does it support dolby atmos on plex local or remote streaming when bandwidth is not limited. Does it support all DTS x , etc

  2. Can this be powered by USB through the TV like a chromecast? And does it have burst transmission to change channel when you decide to cast to it?

  3. David Lane Reply

    Honestly, I don't know why 4k is so important to everyone. I'm probably just the odd one out, but 1080 is perfectly acceptable in my opinion

  4. Emerson Vahldick Reply

    Faz um vídeo ensinado a fazer a atualização do Android Pie

  5. greenLeaf gecko Reply

    On sale at walmart for $39 [11/14/2019] pluse $10 VuDu movie app credit

  6. ETA Prime, what is a good game controller for this?
    and can i play x265/hevc 10bit files?

  7. whammospaquitos Reply

    Can i connect n external hard drive and does it read / play movies?

  8. Can you cast (not mirror) youtube from your phone? I heard it got google chromcast built-in.

  9. Can you install the app SuperLive Plus? I want to use it to view my security cams live on my tv, and I am not able to pull a HDMI cable for that purpose.

  10. Aswin martin Reply

    Is it possible to watch set of box channel with this android box or we should connect set of box separately…

  11. stas pavlenko Reply

    NEED HELP!! Can I turn it WITHOUT internet connection and run ts 1080p movie from external drive, just plug and play?????


  12. Paulo Amorim Reply

    Do you know or anyone else, if this tv box works with an external (USB) DVD player? I have a lot of music CD music and dvd movies that I really wanted to play again..

  13. Panayiotis Toumazou Reply

    The only downside is that it doesn't support the pornhub apk

  14. benzy blenaru Reply

    Where do I download things out of the store like you have?

  15. Yami_Industries Reply

    could I run moonlight on this??
    I just need a new game streaming box

  16. Haunted Punto Reply

    Hi there! can you connect a USB wireless keyboard and mouse combo? If yes, will it run with apps like youtube and netflix?

  17. Farid Radzman Reply

    Why can’t I get my Netflix to play 4K content?
    My tv is haier 4k and my Netflix acc is 4k.

  18. Jose Hernandez Olivares Reply

    Thanks for the review. Do you know if this box can play DRM content? Thanks!

  19. Krzysztof ER Reply

    Can you choose user of Netflix after you start app on this Mi Box ?

  20. ipremium Google TV certified " migo s " mini 4K bluetooth tv box with built-in Chrome Cast !

  21. mahdi hassan Reply

    you can dualboot it to batocera.linux, you will get better performance and its easy to do, I tried it on my x96 mini which has a s905W and it worked great.

  22. Psilocin Finite Reply

    Every time I search for something on youtube ETA PRIME pops up! Busy guy.

  23. Laus Sørensen Reply

    The built in Chromecast Ultra is a huge plus – and the Mi Box is actually cheaper than the Chromecast itself. So you could argue that the rest is "for free"

  24. TheReal Sprint Reply

    Does this thing have the same bug which my MiBox 3 has, the standby bug? After leaving it off for a while, the box doesn't start with the remote control and I have to pull the power plug. The MiBox is great beside the bad software experience because of faulty updates

  25. How does it do with Kodi using a hard drive with local media does it have to have a formatted drive like fat32 or

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