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The progress Bar is a very common component in all User Interfaces, when you want to display the progress of a task that is taking up a lot of time, for example a file download. In this tutorial will create a Progress Bar Dialog to let the user know the progress and a status of a simulated file download activity.

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  1. Tahir Mahmood Reply

    App is not working when i run this app i got warning message "ProgressDialog is obsolete:this class is obsoleted in this android plateform" please help.

  2. Juned Khan Momin Reply

    Please add a video for showing actual Progress Barin Xamarin and doing some task.

  3. how do you link between progressbar and task that don't know how much time it takes

  4. Mohamed Rasheed Gomaa Reply

    Here is Easiest Way To Implement #ProgressBar Inside #Xamarin.Forms Using #NuGet By #ITLec @ITLec

  5. Omar Martínez Reply

    Man, this is not a Progress Bar, this a Progress Dialog, a different widget…

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