X96S Android Oreo TV Stick – S905Y2 – 4GB RAM
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CPU: S905Y2 Quad-core 2.0 GHZ
32GB Internal Storage
Dual Band Wifi AC
Bluetooth 4.2
Android v8.1 Oreo
Supports 4K HDR 60fps,
HDMI v2.1
5.1 Surround Sound

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  1. After testing the X96S Pro that I received for the past two days I can say that its not worth the money. The one I bought came with Android 9.0 but they have it heavily locked down. Kodi is installed on it but no matter what I tried I could not get a newer version of Kodi installed on it. I uninstalled the Kodi that was installed on it and downloaded the latest version from the official Kodi website both Arm7 and Arm 8 versions but they failed to install. If you want to install SPMC on the box then you need to download the apk to do so. Kodi and SPMC on the google play store show them uncompatible with the stick.

    Not only that but some of my movies play on it but after a second the audio cuts out and I've tried every different way to setup the audio in it with no success. I tried different media players including Kodi , SPMC and the ones installed but the audio keeps cutting out if the audio on a movie or video is anything more than 2.0 stereo.

    I had an issue with the HDMI splitter that came with the stick but to resolve that I disabled HDMI DEEP Colour / color (depends where you come from on how its spelled) and it quit flashing.

    Most apps I have installed on other devices will not install on the stick either.

  2. I got one of these yesterday and it came with Android 9 installed but Video playback on a lot of videos is not quite as good as they make it out to be. Also on some TV's that HDMI Extension causes the picture to constantly blink on and off. I had to plug the stick directly into a HDMI port on my 2018 LG 43UK6400 otherwise the picture was constantly blinking on and off with the extender cable

  3. hello, we can define the language in Filipino?
    tagalog / cebuano

  4. creative touch Reply


  5. Nishank Saxena Reply

    Can you help me i try uninstalling few system apps after checking root… And then i got stuck on boot logo .. Can you make a video on how to reinstall firmware on this and fix it.. Please help me

  6. ZonaTekno 98 Reply

    Hi, it is possible to mirror screen from windows pc / android?

  7. Glenn Condrey Reply

    for Android boxes without bluetooth…what kind of joystick do you use to play games?

  8. M.R Carter Reply

    Hey man thanks for the video. I was wondering if I can use this stick with my big touchscreen and touchosc in full screen. Does it open tablet or landscape based apps properly or does it Force apps in portrait mode?

  9. Jason Smith Reply

    I have used airscreen, same as the miracast, airplay, I thought

  10. Bojan Savic Reply

    Hi Chigz, I would like to buy android TV stick. What would you recommend? I would use it mainly for streaming movies and tv.

  11. Boštjan Zorc Reply

    Hello, I own this stick too coneccted iz to MOCTUNE 054 with no problem, asphalt 8 works like a charm.

  12. BeNosey.com Reply

    Ok so now mine has arrived and it's excellent….! My Samsung TV is now an android tv….!

  13. BeNosey.com Reply

    Excellent review, no hype nice and chilled..! Subscribed!

  14. I'm curious why you ranked this stick so low on your chart? Troypoint's review just came out and he ranks it right up there with the Amazon fire tv 4k stick. Please elaborate?

  15. Aydin Uygur Reply

    Dude, I have a very nice congratulations question on the channel and I'm confused as to where many models are taken?

  16. Dominic Leung Reply

    Does it support Plex in Andriod TV version or same Andriod version as of an Andriod phone?

  17. Mike Jaques Reply

    Good device. I love idea of "Sticks", but my favorite one Intel Compute Stick or other sticks with Windows (full versions).

  18. Yung Bluce Reply

    In fact I don't understand why those products exist, you need performance then go to desktop, need portable then go to UMPC like GPD Pcoekt or Micro PC, need both go to laptop, so such thing is for what?

  19. Abort Reality Reply

    Keep it up Chigz. You have the most complete and reliable channels for Android tv boxes. Hope you will do more and different devices in the future!

  20. So this is nowhere near the firestick 4k even though it has 4gb ram and higher android version and expandable storage ect I would have thought it would beat it?

  21. Darren Darmanin Reply

    looks really good for the price, yet again another great review, this would be great for someone that just wants to stream and use apps 4gb of ram in that little package is great, would be good if someone was to take it apart and give it some extra heatsink or cooking, shame it does't have bluetooth

  22. faisal masood Reply

    Nice stick, I thought as much that it is designed for streaming only, good review 👍

  23. Paul Geary Reply

    Can I come to one of these android devices to a monitor

  24. Plis chigz…. I kannot wait to longer buy lemfo lem9. Need watching your review this smartwatch.before buy this smartwatch.. I know only you the best truth review channel

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