X96 box BUY HERE : Newest super fast Amlogic S905X 4K H.265 hardware decoding chipset 2GB/16GB Wireless: Built in WiFi …


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  1. Pleurat Pula Reply

    Just bought it and sucks…..netflix not comparability with your device….fuck this shitty plastic

  2. damien dolce Reply

    Had for a couple years….there is audio latency when the screen is maximized for iptv. I think 4gs ram minimum is ideal.

  3. Tarek Issa Reply

    The keyboard doesn't want to show up anymore what I have to do?

  4. Azkiara Naeema Reply

    This x96 is fake, real x96 not suttering when booting

  5. MEHMOOD KS Reply

    بکواس ہے بھائیوں نہیں خریدنا اس بکس کو میں نے کوئٹہ میں خریدا 500 ہزار روپے میں, میرے روپے تو ڈوب گئے, اور دوسرا جو موبائل میرور ہے وہ بھی بلکل بکواس ہے صحیح کام نہیں کرتا ہے آڈیو وڈیو کرپٹ دیکھا تھا ہے, نہ گیم, ٹی وی اور بھی بہت سے پروگرام نہیں چلا سکتا ہے, جب کسی چیز کا نام فیسبوک, گوگل, یا کسی اور بروسر میں دیتے ہو تو بہت مشکل سے ٹائپ ہوتا ہے کی بورڈ الگ سے خریدنا پڑے گا.
    باقی آپ کی مرضی.

  6. Asif Siddiqui Reply

    Dear I have Smart TV without Android, Do I need to buy this Box or I can install the any smart TV application for TV channels?

  7. georgia gazeta Reply

    When you watch a movie there's subtitles for any language that you want?

  8. Hi I have LiveNetTv on there and the picture is bit small can’t see where I sit I have to get up and look.

    Download Apps like your Showbox it’s big pic the tv App it’s small

    Is there way to make it bigger somehow ? Please thanks 🙏🏻

  9. Xplorando Network Reply

    Had several diff Android boxes, just bought this one X96, damn pretty happy with it, it's fast, stable, and does all I need the thing to do.

  10. Sagar Bhagat Reply

    Sir I have one question…
    Will this android box goes into sleep mode..
    I mean if I switch on both android TV box and my LED TV… And open home page after that.. If I do not use for few minutes or few hours.. Then will it goes into auto shut off mode…. Will this android box goes into sleep mode like we see our mobile screen goes when we not use for few minutes…
    Please answer…


  12. Harsh Jivani Reply

    Hello Sir. Good morning. Its Android mobile OS ? Or TV OS? We can download all apps in Google play store ???? Where is the mic.? For video call? Plz sir reply immediately bcz I want to perches this. I m waiting for your reply. Thanks

  13. https://www.gearbest.com/tv-box/pp_715051.html?wid=21&lkid=13072376

  14. Arie Anggara Reply

    Bisa Ditambahin Dipasangin Kamera Gak Gan Android Tv box X96 nya,,,

  15. Pablo Chilo Reply

    Buenas a todos si compre el mismo convertidor todo me funciona todo correcto pero el unico problema es Netflix no me deja iniciar, en pc o note todo correcto menos con ese convertidor me eh imposible dar con inicio seccion, solucion?

  16. Ingrid Carvajal Hidalgo Reply

    se puede instalar a un smart tv para mejorarlo???

  17. Mensur Smigalovic Reply

    Can this play 3d movie online or from usb, or both? And what 3d glasses i need?

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    גם מוצר זה ניתן לרכוש באתר הדילים פיקס פון דיל
    החל מ 250 שקל

  19. Jury Barbolina Reply

    Does it download apps from browser.so i can download movies apps etc.i have a site of latest movies can be downloaded on my phone it was downloaded via browser.not app store.does it do that??

  20. Tahmid Hassan Reply

    hi i my N1-W320 2.4G Game pad not working in X96 TV Box, Do you know?

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