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In this tutorial we go through the steps needed to build your first Android app.

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  1. This does not work with the current version of Android Studio. For example, there is no “layout:centerInParent”. Which means Google makes new versions incompatible with the older version. 🙁

  2. let me tell you Reply

    can i just get like an apk file out of android studio so i can put it on my website as download??

  3. Manisha patil Reply

    Awesome video. Very well explained! I can't wait until I make my own apps.

  4. ahmed shaikh Reply

    Join our developer community

  5. BoomWithPeter Reply

    For over a year i have been practicing java development in backend but now i said to my self i will try something new, yeah this is kinda the same but the fact that i have to designt the looks of apps too makes me feel good, not those ugly terminals i worked on for the past year and so, thank you for explaining how ide works

  6. Please sir am new here kindly help me out on this issue on the project tree am not seen the java folder,manifest and res what am only seen is gradle script

  7. Mr Talizman Reply

    he looks like my elementary maths teacher being like you need this so that you don end up on youtube

  8. clint hutchison Reply

    look. i might be crazy, but it turns out. you need to know code to make an app.  I blame your mom for sending me here. I give up! This is too much!  double rainbows, bro!  omg.. I like how this is going. I'm never going to be able to make an app game.  so sad. 🙁 so he's basically spent an hour telling us how to say "ouch" in an app. Wonderful! Waste of time. We really need to find out how he got those marks on his neck. Are we sure all the girls he knows are still alive?  Interesting.

  9. clint hutchison Reply

    Ok. this guy might be ok, but. I have problems with him. I do watch ID too much and I think everyone is suspect. Why's this guy have marks on his neck?  We need to make sure everyone he knows is still alive. lol.

  10. clint hutchison Reply

    just a heads up, i haven't watched your video yet, but wear a better shirt, Noob. If you are wearing a crappy shirt, how can I take you seriously? 😀 or maybe he's genius for wearing that shirt. What do I need? Rob Lowe teaching me android app shit? Yes! I need Rob Lowe teaching me everything! He's God!  lol

  11. clint hutchison Reply

    How do I build an app to make your mom stop calling me? That's all I need right now. Ok, fine. I'm telling jokes. I'm gonna watch this guys video as soon as I'm done eating some food. I'm a bit hungover.  This guy seems like a decent place to start. Why are tech people not funny at all?  I feel like you guys should tell more jokes to keep us involved.  Wait til you see my app! 🙂  ok, i think i'm still drunk. Later.  I'll fix it.  MORE BEER!  goodnight.

  12. clint hutchison Reply

    I just came here to meet chicks. I think I took a wrong turn.

  13. James Hawkins Reply

    I don't have a I have a MainActivity.kt . What am I doing wrong? I am using Android Studio 3.5.2 if that is important.

  14. emerald garnet Reply

    Can Android Studio , Java Development Kit for Oracle run on MacOs Catalina?

  15. Stephen Profullo Bala Reply

    I am pumped up to learn App development. I am learning Java and this is a masterpiece. Is there any free course??

  16. hello android studio I've searched and found all of the shared projects on github and shared them on my blog for you

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