n 1993, Bill and Melinda Gates—then engaged—took a walk on a beach in Zanzibar, and made a bold decision on how they would make sure that their wealth …




  1. I find Bill Gates utterly repugnant. While he claims to be helping the world while supporting a system that has generated so much inequality is not only hypocritical but immoral.

  2. What about the American children Bill? Plenty of of them from the country that made you wealthy need help.

  3. Thomas Black Reply

    5 minute INFOMERCIAL HIJACKING of subject video – NOT GOOD!!!

  4. matei nikolov Reply

    Какво е всъщност Второто име на Мелинда ??
    Не приличаше ли на името на един Браузър ?
    Very ambition Browser ??

  5. Louise DPK Marais Reply

    Wait till you all find out what these private foundations are really about – shocking but sadly true

  6. Leti Gebrekristos Reply

    If people like you were
    Presidents health care leaders
    The world would be healthy wealthy
    Educated. God bless your hearts
    Live longer and stay healthy.
    Sad to say
    Right now the world is ifested
    By greedy crimnal leaders.

  7. Am praying that God will grace my family to be more generous like this couple .may God continue to bless them to be a blessing .they have a great heart for humanity.

  8. anita hinojosa-wells Reply

    Agenda 21 is to Depopulate the World 💉🦠💀
    The Coronavirus is Worldwide and Not contained!
    Viruses are Man made….
    Why did China first contract the virus when the United States Military was there? Why did trump Deny it’s existence and let it $pread like wildfire?
    How can you all be so blind as to believe this fraudulent $peech?
    Wake Up people.. these people get together with world leaders and plan this $hit out!!
    Why did the corporations bail out then buy back their $tock again? Because they knew about the coming virus 🦠
    First the Tax break then their buy back if $tock$ AGAIN 🤣
    Ya, NO, you’re Not included in this $cheme
    The Elite will survive thi$
    But you may Not!
    I’ll never get a vaccination 💉

  9. Live and Learn; I do appreciate and I have great respect for both of you! Africa is Beautiful, People are kind and honest! Thank you for reaching out May God Bless you Both, and warren also!!

  10. The 360 Show Reply

    People are gullible. Never believe these people. They are evil.

  11. DP watkykjy Reply

    why so much hate here? they're literally saving millions of children, helping their quality of lives along the way, whats the last thing you did?

  12. Cristal Parason Reply

    Salute to you sir bill.
    May God bless your wisdom which helps us young people to think sincerely for the greater good and have a clearer vision on humanitarian causes thru hard works and dedication. Thank you sir. #LLP🙏
    -From Philippines 🇵🇭

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  14. Celio Cardoso Reply

    I compare myself with Bill, intelegente and willing to help the less educated, never got any where because it taques two to tango.
    Beind a great man is always a great women.

  15. STEVEN BRILL Reply

    They have so much money that it sits and earns more than they give away . that s what is wrong with our economy today money is earning the wealthy more than it is producing in productivy for our country and its people. Sorry I'm not going to feel good about them feeling good about themselves giving money away.

  16. Adolf Richtar Reply

    Bill Gates a filthy terrorist satanist and mass murderer him self, with no health or any biological degree pushing vaccine devil agenda on base of what ??? He publically said : "With vaccines we were able to lower the population for 15 %. What this shitspit doing giving lecture about what ?? Why this shitspit wasn't arrested yet for mas murder ???????????

  17. maradesbois7 Reply

    Yes, they are philantrophic people, this couple Gates. They have such love for the poor little children of poor countries.
    Is it not strange that western medias never spoke about this. No it's not. They are all in the same club.
    Make a research on the vaccine names quoted in the article.
    And may the truth set you free.

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