T.REX ARMS CEO Lucas Botkin explains which foregrips he runs and his rifles and why. Ultimately… it all comes down to personal preference. No black and white answer here. Try different things and see what works best for YOU.


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  1. Great video
    I see on one off your rifles you have two scopes, one pointing forward, and the other is mounted sideways on an angle…..what kind off scope is that? And what is it used for?

    Thank you,

  2. Brett Bourgeois Reply

    If I had rich parents, I would be no different than this dude. No hate.

  3. ฉันฝึกยิงตามคุณอยู่ ขอบคุณ

  4. When you pull back on an angled grip the weapon wants to ramp up out of your hand.

  5. Ulrich Weigel Reply

    Just fyi if the overall length of an ar pistol is greater than 26 inches you can run a vertical grip on it 👍

  6. Local Trap Star Reply

    Are those angled grips (like on the scar), are those allowed on AR pistol 7.5”…?

  7. Why is the BCM pointed "Angled" foreward like the AK's.. you never explained this.

  8. 090483T61519 Reply

    the bcm vertical angled forward u usin are the short ones?🤔

  9. So I'm curious, Question so the BCM angled grip can be used on a pistol? It's not a true vertical grip since it have an angled cut. So who knows what status is not since the ATF/NFA makes it waaaaaaaaay hard to keep up with their back and forth changes ?

  10. Javier Sabillon Reply

    I love when he crops the video when using the pistols because he is definitely not shouldering the arm brace, gun laws are so dumb.

  11. Michael Priest Reply

    A traditional vertical grip is much more comfortable for me.

  12. Arkamas Ross Reply

    1:48 ***As of 4/2019, neither a folding stock adapter nor a pistol stabilizing brace are taken into consideration in the ATF length regulations. So if you have a folding stock adapter such as the Law Tac, overall length is from the tip of the barrel (or pinned/welded muzzle device) to the end of the receiver. So you couldn't even go with a standard 26 inch barrel if you wanted a verticle foregrip or a stock. Otherwise length is to the end of the buffer tube, not the stabilizing brace.

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