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  1. I am trying for at least two hours to build with webpack, with no success.

  2. Alla Hamazaspyan Reply

    Can you please tell me do you have a course about webpack on udemy?

  3. Noman Hanafi Reply

    email verification in laravel will you do a tutorial on this, your fan from Bangladesh

  4. I needed to add -o to my build command for it to work.
    "build": "webpack src/js/app.js -o dist/bundle.js"

  5. Nasty Mixture Reply

    Very simple and straightforward what is webpack ,thank you man

  6. Creative Soul Reply

    Thanks. It helped me. I was not using the export keyword and hence was not getting the output

  7. Rishu Kumar Reply

    i have a doubt not related to what u explained ..if u put an inputbox of type number and to handle onchnage event put a method test in your app.js file it will throw :-index.html:15 Uncaught ReferenceError: test is not defined
    at HTMLInputElement.onchange (index.html:15)..why it is not able to find that method???..it is working without webpack

  8. Олег Олейник Reply

    Awesome tutorial – awesome explanation! Thank you! 🙂

  9. Radu Bartan Reply

    Here is Max's tutorial laid out in great detail with the Webpack 4 code update: http://southernfiregroup.com/webpack/webpack4_tutorial_by_max

  10. Great video, thank you so much for uploading.
    There is one thing though I am finding very confusing, I dont understand the concept of entry point, especially if I am using a php based application.
    I have a modular component based architecture, where I have separate components like header, footer, section etc…
    How do I load all these files into a single entry point?
    I heard about multiple entry points, but that again seems to be hard coded.
    I just basically want to keep lots of little files which are dependent on my library files, which need to be combined into one distribution minified file, finding this impossible to do

  11. Niranjan Raju Reply

    Thank you Max. You are a great tutor :-). I came across your course on React and Redux on Udemy and I was so happy to have done that one. When would you talk a bit more about TypeScript + NodeJS + WebPack (with node_externals)? This I think involves digging into the module system and stuffs. But if you could make a video on that, it will be helpful for us neanderthals 🙂

  12. John Morris Reply

    If I'm using webpack and need the ES6 module import/export syntax, this breaks jest as it is expecting NodeJS export/require. How do I use jest with webpack?

  13. Ankit Sagar Reply

    Awesome explanation.. can we also have a video/explanation on webpack vs metro bundler.. since i have just started learning React Native, and have doubts, if i could replace metro bundler with Webpack for production ready code (published app), if not what advantages we get over each other.

  14. Radu Bartan Reply

    Definitely do what Justin Higgs suggested. I was also missing 'from' in the import declaration of the app.js file. The top line should look like this: import { secretParagraph, secretButton } from './dom-loader';

  15. Milan Medojevic Reply

    Thanks for the great tutorial. Still, I have one question.
    Is it possible to use multiple entries and multiple outputs for JS files without specifying each entry name, but use a wildcard character?
    e.g. "./src/js/*.js"

  16. Link to "Webpack 2 Basics" playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU-2T7k9NfI&list=PL55RiY5tL51rcCnrOrZixuOsZhAHHy6os

  17. Akezhan Rakishev Reply

    Is it possible to combine simple static html & css & JS files with React? For instance, 3 pages would be written in html, etc and one page (Contact) would be written using React. Can we combine, connect them together? So when we click to Contact from static html index, it would give us React page?

  18. Adhita Prasetyo Reply

    does this webpack method working on CRA project ? or there are any alternative to load dom-loader.js ?

  19. Blackfeather Tanfur Reply

    Also if I'm right, this will break AMP. From what I understand, you can only use a certain set of libraries (and be under a certain size total as well) for your pages to be AMP compatible.

  20. AWESOME TUTORIAL. Just lacks "-o" before the output file. https://webpack.js.org/api/cli/?fbclid%3DIwAR1SNl43xxm6WZkfVFbZPzjvFSJbNN61Qejd8fWI9ViJT3RPcOuV6qhDpdw%23usage-without-config-file&sa=D&source=hangouts&ust=1545600427640000&usg=AFQjCNHNNPGzHVqDQfUWMgTR9kJjgUfCTA

  21. Takis Bakalis Reply

    I don't understand how I trust a guy that uses a 23 character long usename in a Unix OS to teach me developers' stuff. But here I am

  22. runningonthestreets Reply

    Is there a possibility to use darker presentation instead this white, it's hurting my eyes?

  23. שלמה נוסבאום Reply

    Is this tutorial relevant after 4 version get out?

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