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  1. Jowel Tisso Reply

    Thank you sir…. It was very helpfull…. I have found what i was looking for in your video…. Please keep it up sir and…. Make more in-depth videos on xml for android….

  2. Naina Maharjan Reply

    can you create new videos in android because this is very old .. thankyou

  3. Bharath nani Reply

    Your explanation is good
    May I know which IDE you are using ??? I hope what you are showing is not in android studio….

  4. Kirti Parmar Reply

    Sir plz plz pleeeeaaassseeee provide more videos on Android your technical skills is superb sir please provide more videos

  5. pradeep palanisamy Reply

    sir ur explanations are good but please dont keep on repeating the same thing

  6. keerthi karmegam Reply

    This video is super and useful
    Please update more videos regarding Android sir,

    Do it fast…
    Thank u


    Super Explanation.Thank you very much for these all lectures. Hope more videos are coming.

  8. Good explanation about XML as well as Layout. Thank you very much mahesh

  9. Anirudh Jaiswal Reply

    where to get the whole playlist of android section? please help

  10. Jatin Dahiya Reply

    very nice videos from your channel
    I like to watch your videos it increases my knowledge.

  11. LinZee Linuz Reply

    You are the best, most comprehensive explanation of Android .

    Super excellent!!

  12. Good video but why repeat every sentence 3-4 times, it gets so annoying!!!!!!!!!

  13. Evans Archer Reply

    Powerful vidoes. Well explained. Thanks very much. Please need more videos on Android

  14. Sheikh Wasiu Al Hasib Reply

    please make a video on XMl, RSS, JSON parsing. I really need this. I understand your lecture clearly.

  15. Achyut chinni Reply

    superb explination.
    sir u did really explain each concept in depth.
    i did understand very well about XML concept.
    thank u sir

  16. Very Nice and depth explanation ..
    I understood very well XML concept
    Thanks 🙂 … Please keep good work.

  17. Dear sir, Please upload thread asyncTask and Handler lecture. I tried a lot but i am not able to understand.

  18. Mariem Azouigui Reply

    Excellent professor! Thank you sir so much! i hope to watch more videos of you about android please 🙂

  19. _## FirstWatch Reply

    sir i want to know if you provide online android training??
    please do reply

  20. vansh kumar Reply

    Sir please provide more videos on android programming….waiting for valuable knowledge…..

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