In this video, I’ve talked about WebView in android. After watching this video, do practice on your own to grab it tightly in your mind.

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  1. mohamed najumudeen Reply

    BRO…..why Automatic logout on orientation change in Android webview app [closed]…How to solve this problem

  2. Abdul Shaikh Reply

    sabse badhiya
    1. visit
    2. downlaod the source code android studio men import karo
    3. export karo.

    dekh bhai hate nii hai. ( [ Webview In Android Studio | What Is Webview In Android | Webview In Android Studio Example ] ) isko padhkar koi bhi sochega ki problem solve ho gai.

  3. Chill House Reply

    You a GOD or Something ? Did you know you solved my problem so easily ? I'm happy i found you. Thank You !

  4. Hlo sir, i am also a old youtuber, something you doing wrong. [ please do not add too much keywords in your video description, it is "kyeword spamming" against YouTube polices. Tip: Use minimum (10-15) Long keywords, Like -titles of ranked videos on this topic in youtube & google ( change something), thanku😘 i love your content

  5. very helpful thank you! what about displaying a more complex page instead with a lot of javascript?
    I'm looking to implement this with d3.js library, are you familiar with it? I'm trying to implement your tutorial with this library but it's not working. I've also found tutorials on it that don't work.
    I found out that I must insert javascript in an external asset to load it in the html, but it doesn't work either.
    thank you for your help

  6. teleseva teleseva Reply

    Hello, Brother Recently I submit my Webview App in Playstore console but it got suspended due to Website owner/Website Administrator permission. What should I have to do when next time i want to submit the Webview App?

    This website also mine, Before suspended it has no Privacy policy page. Now I add that page. is it right time to submit or Do you suggest any steps? Please help on this I am waiting for this from last one year to launch this Website and App.

  7. What if the URl of application does not work , is the android application will also stoped working ?

  8. Abhishek Rajput Reply

    Hello sir i used web view
    But migration to android X
    YouTube video forward and backward btn removed pls solve my isse

  9. Sapna Gandage Reply

    Can you share the video for login validation with phone number and pin

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