A really crappy video of native SBS for opendive or google #cardboard. It’s pretty nice for watching movies on the bus or airplane (huge virtual screen).




  1. SBS for android free, en la playa store. necesitas ser usuario RUT

  2. Your phone is a rooted device. on launcher it says it is rooted

  3. Kalahari Boertjie Reply

    Anybody know of an app that can do this? then I can fly my Mavic

  4. amit singh Reply

    I have rooted device. but it is not working.. it is saying command failed

  5. Nejat Olguntürk Reply

    Make it compatible with samsung galaxy s5 please!

  6. ajinkya vanjari Reply

    can you share the link. I am looking for some similar application

  7. Hiqmatiar Syamsul Reply

    sayangnya aplikasi ini tidak dikembangan 🙁 plis translate in indonesia

  8. KING M4RT3LL Reply

    nice video bro !!! can you make a video of how to connect vr into xboxone?

  9. Aryef Ishak Reply

    hi sir. I have huawei accend mate 7 mt7-tl10 can make my phone like this.

  10. Noah Johansson Reply

    How do you download the app sbs please please please please tell me okay

  11. Please share support android 5.0 @@ 4.4.2 and 6.0.1 work … why 5.0 is not =]]

  12. Hiqmatiar Syamsul Reply

    please made also for android Xiaomi redmi 3 pro, I'm ready to buy if support in my android .!!!!

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