The Air Mouse Keyboard remote is a must have accesory for every MI Tv and any android smart TV. It makes typing and navigating so much easier and fun.




  1. Raj Thakur Reply

    Utube disply pr aadha tv pr aa rha hai wo remote pr poora nhi aa rha hai. Remote m koi function b nhi hai jo led k sath mila tha

  2. Sanjay Kumar Tyagi Reply

    Just got WeChip remote. Power button is not working wid mi 43 tv. Pl suggest what to do plz

  3. Arvinder Bedi Reply

    My Air mouse stopped working, only blue lights flash on pressing any button but nothing happens.. have tried using after charging it again

  4. Naren Venkataraman Reply

    Does this air mouse work with Samsung QLED tvs from 2019 ?

  5. Lakhwinder Singh Reply

    i have same device but i losted its usb is there any other option to use air mouse again please revert thnku

  6. Can you plz guide how can we open multiple tabs from the 1st tab in chrome browser using Air Mouse Keyboard Remote?
    Actually I would like to know how can we do "Right click" in air mouse keyboard remote.

  7. I lost my usb Dongle

    How can i get this same dongle

    Or without dongle how can i use this device

    Do you suggest me any way

  8. Sir please check once again this air mouse remote for old mi tv s after android update. And make a short video on it. Pls

  9. Alok Singh Reply

    Not used the remote much now battery not charging, any help how to fix this issue?

  10. 🔥🔥🔥 ATTENTION!!!!

    Please Guyz Do Not Order This Product If u Have Mi Tv As U Can Access The Subtitles Amd Scenes forward With Mi Renote Also .There Is No Need Of Air Mouse Keyboard ,
    Though It Is Beneficial For The Keyboard But Not For The Subtitles As U Can Do That With Mi Remote Also .No Need To Purchase A 1500 Bucks Remote.

    If My Comment Helped Give Me A Like Though

  11. జాస్తి. హరశ్రీనివాస చౌదరి Reply

    Sir, is power button able to turn off the TV? and is menu button in the remote working(bringing menu option?)

  12. i want to uninstall the pie update and go back to my patchwall os

  13. Kiran Kumar Reply

    Hi ,
    I have one problem in this remote
    To "ON" the TV I should use TV power button
    I can't able to on the TV using this remote
    Rest this remote is. Working for all volume ,ok button and even I can switch off the TV also by remote
    Please let me know if any solution

  14. Dinesh kumar Reply

    How to enable/sync remote's IR power button to switch on the TV?

  15. emmanuel Fernando Reply

    Tech Singh, Yesterday i opened this air mouse. I did not find any mic built onto the circuit board. So this model doesn't have a mic even if it is advertised in the box.

  16. Michaella D. Reply

    So yea my tv is xenon and it dosent work I'ved already charged it

  17. Debayan Mukherjee Reply

    This device is not working with MI TV(old with patchwall OS) Instead it is working fine with laptop.

  18. Does it also work on an And TV such as the Philips 65OLED854?

  19. Which is best Tv Mi 4a pro or Mi 4X pro can any one suggest me???

  20. Md Safi ahamad Reply

    My air mouse is not working any kye press the light is blinking waht can i do

  21. Sunny Ahuja Reply

    Cant we use Xiaomi's voice enabled remote (of the latest TVs) with a bluetooth dongle?

  22. Ashutosh Pandey Reply

    This remote is connected through bluetooth, I want a IR based remote to control my mi tv… Does anyone help me on that I need that

  23. Jobin Mathew Reply

    Whether the remote work only for PRO series? What about old mi smart tv (the one before pro)

  24. I'm using a ms8 pro L TV box and the power button doesn't work properly. It will power off but not on. Wouldn't recommend

  25. Jayashree Hiremath Reply

    Can we power off and on the tv?? Please tell me

  26. Mahipal Debata Reply

    Sir the power button of air mouse is not working what to do

  27. Sir my C120 air mouse cursor gone crazy unstable , moving all over to fix plz help…i done everything but failed.. calibration n all.. tried but failed

  28. Prachi Bhutada Reply

    Hey Tech Singh, is Wechip a trustworthy brand? I see the link in your description, just wanted to confirm.

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