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  1. wagner fatoretto Reply

    voce sabe como seria na tx9 s905w placa vermelha obrigado

  2. rodger costello Reply

    I have a tx9 pro giving me same error at 2 percent and I cannot get passed this and box is bricked otherwise.any ideas? Would this work Adriel if I can open box?

  3. Bart Swierk Reply

    Hi. I got Transpeed T98 6K H6 box bricked. No reaction at all. Computer see the device. Flashing start but it always stop at 62% with error couldn't download boot1 🙁
    Tried all the FWs available for that specific model. All stops at 62% 🙁
    Is this as you said that alot of them are different? Depending of factory?

  4. Mohsin Imran Reply

    hello bro i try many img but get the same error please help me out of this

  5. Alem Dervisevic Reply

    failed:Verify Failed with sha1sum, origin sum how to fix this error

  6. my t95x isnt even being rcognized on my pc. it turns on but i cant see it on the usb burning tool. am trying to flash a rom on it

  7. Hello friend, by mistake I install armbian in the emmc of my tv box s905x I can reinstall the original firmware (android)

  8. Arcanjo Gabriel Reply

    I'm a brazilian guy who learned a lot from his video. thank you very much! you are awesome.

  9. Roberto Hollman Reply

    I would like to know if you can help me with the x96max so see if I can use the same as the normal x96

  10. Hey would this work on h96 max 3318 I only have this box 3 months and it just crashed on me

  11. Chris Bondar Reply

    I did factory reset x96 mini, now it shows nothing. Instal the firmware 100 times , and always fail. So i buy a new one, and problem solved 100 %.

  12. Fernando Lopes Reply

    Show, could you make a video of how to do the unbrick of the Mini box RK3229_D16 A96X? Thank you

  13. Xplorando Network Reply

    Nice information thanks. In my case I have no access to the main chip, it's "blocked" but there was no need for shorting any pins, there was no reset button and no reset hidden behind the "AV out" as many point out. In my case I had to tear apart the box and found a push button for reset, that did the trick, no shorting required. Now In trying to fully identify my tv box and firmware, a backup sounds good before burning anything.

  14. Thanks my Black Bros. You are the best. It just worked for me X96 (1/8gb)

  15. marcelo monteiro Reply

    MY FRIEND. PARS BURN IMAGE FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!! AND NOW ????????????

  16. Jostin Grados Reply

    Tengo La X96 S905W Pero No Me Aparecen Los Pines Para Hacer El Corto. Alguien Me Ayuda.

  17. Artur Solecki Reply

    Hello. I have a request – do you have a link to the site where you can download the "BootloaderOnlyWithBMP.img" file which can be seen on the film when you load it to the X96 mini ?

  18. rafael ovando Reply

    i have A95X amlogic s905x is the same procedure?? coz my pc doesnt recognize it..

  19. Benoit Jansen Reply

    hands down, the only one that works… I even soldered a button to it 🙂

  20. For anyone failed on the short method on these two pins. Mine X96 2+16G is an earlier version, you can tell by the label which is different to the video. I have shorted the first two pins next to arrow more than 50 times, didn't work. What you need to do is short the pin 5 & 6( maybe 4 & 5) count from the diagonal corner of the arrow. Don't worry about burn the chip, I tried all the pins next to each other. I can confirm it works every time, without second delay. You don't even need the power plug in, usb cable only. When it work for you, please comment and help others to try.

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