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  1. Can you install apps from browser if Play Store doesn't work?

  2. tvbox georgia Reply

    hi, which screen recorder app are you using in the video? had tried a bunch of apps to capture screen, but all resulting video is with green screen only.

  3. Mashal Khan Reply

    Is the box worth IT? Does IT still have an play store issue

  4. Mashal Khan Reply

    Is this box worth it? I need somenthing cheap good live tv, what would you recommend

  5. William Fong Reply

    you need youtube v1.2.7 or v1.3.8 apk to make it work

  6. Hey alex..Ques..if i have a wired connection download speed of 300mbps.. how close to that speed can i get with this box..i have an old matricom q2 android box that only pulls in a speed of wired download of 90mbps..

  7. Marc Evan Funte Reply

    Hi mate can you recommend your best cheap tv box brand? Just for Kodi purposes only with android 6 thanks!

  8. Aries Sayson Reply

    I have been using this TV box for a few months now. it seems that there are compatibility issues with NETFLIX as the video quality is bad compared to apple TV. Other apps seem be Ok though. I got myself a mini keyboard as the remote control is a challenge.

  9. Colin Goodwin Reply

    I have my tx5 pro box coming from goldstream how do I get rid of there kodi build

  10. I lost the control of my box, do you know where can I buy one

  11. Dan Everton Reply

    Firmware update!hsFlHTDB!kXseL6aU7j2pcarLC5tqzw

  12. Fallimation Animaciones Reply

    ¿qué app para youtube estas usando, la de la playstore u otra?

  13. Marcel Big Reply

    Please help! I do not work wifi!
    my device is TX5 Pro (OS: 2016.09.09)

  14. Hello,

    Which is the good TV box? i have checked
    TICTID K12
    Kekilo TX5 Pro
    Greatever T95Z PLUS

  15. 1st Stop Android Boxes Reply

    Play Store works, you can get YouTube from the Play Store and there is a navigation bar… I don't know what the hell you're talking about bro. Been selling these a couple month now. If I were you, I'd redo this video without giving false information.

  16. I am so getting one of these as an upgrade to my apple tv 3rd gen. Can you run emulators from the app store?

  17. Mahner Tamás Reply

    Which TV-box you actually suggest? I would need the same features like this one, but with working stuff (like YouTube) maybe an RCA slot instead of AV?

  18. THE CONSUMER Reply

    ughhh. Ordered it yesterday. Alex. What issues does this TX5 have? Maybe I can cancel the order as it has not been shipped yet.

  19. THE CONSUMER Reply

    ughhh. Ordered it yesterday. Alex. What issues does this TX5 have? Maybe I can cancel the order as it has not been shipped yet.

  20. invincible86 Reply

    Anybody knows if there is any iOS app to control this tv box as a remote? I know there is droidmote but it's only for android 🙁

  21. THE CONSUMER Reply

    I did some research along with watching a lot of your reviews and was originally going with the Nexbox s912. But decided on this one as it came bundled with the wireless keyboard you recommended. I like this interface and the size of this box. I will most likely upgrade to the nexbox s912 in December. What have you heard about the WifiX Play s912 2g/16g Octo Android 6.0/Kodi 17 ? I was really interested in it but could absolutely no info on it. Geekbuy is claiming to have it upgraded to 3g/16g with the same specs. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on that mini box! But ty for all of the thorough reviews they are very insightful.

  22. Rafał Chr Reply

    which tv box will be better Beelink MINI MXIII II ( or TX5 Pro ( or perhaps another one in a similar price?

  23. Yonathan Katz Levanoni Reply

    Anyway to get the navigation bar? Using this box as my other android box died. I really miss the navigation bar 😉

  24. Ahmed Deiab Reply

    Hi Alex ,
    What App you use to record the screen of the tv box please ?

  25. android tv box Joinwe Reply

    you are so professional, i sell so many boxes , but i still not so professional than you , you really good

  26. how do make the memory recycle work. Language also keeps changing

  27. Is it true that there are problems in the wireless connectivity on this version ؟

  28. That's strange that the wifi speedtest had better speed than the Ethernet test. Ethernet should be better than wifi for the most part.

  29. Emiel Israel Reply


    As i told before it is not possible to connect with the USB Burning tool however if i connect the HDMI cable to my monitor and push the reset button next connect power WOW there is the green android doll ! , so i put the update on the SD card cecked in file manager all OK .img file BUT when i click update from SD Card the file is NOT visible !! and i know its there !
    First i did a factory reset and worked out well now it starts up without any problen and in English (US) language !

    Any idea what i can do next ??

  30. Emiel Israel Reply

    Another problem with my box if you switch it off with the remote it wil switch on again but not start-up only a small white frame is to see so no other choise than unplug it and it goes back to the original language ( Korean ?) so have to setup the language again as well.

  31. Jordan Brett Reply

    I wonder why the TX3 pro and the tx5 pro have different launchers

  32. Thiyagarajan Raji Reply

    I have seen ur best reviews &planning to buy nexbox A5 s905x 2gb/16gb through banggood, is it OK r any suggestions for me

  33. Thiyagarajan Raji Reply

    any other better choice to use in India (Tamilnadu )

  34. Thiyagarajan Raji Reply

    nexbox A5 s905x 2gb/16gb, nexbox A95x s905x 2gb/16gb which one is better? I m in India, first Android tv box, having sony 40w600B,

  35. Emiel Israel Reply

    Unfortuned i bought this piece of sh@t at banggood as well before the MXQ Pro plus the same Sh@t from BangNOGood shop it seems they only sell BAD boxes there is no micro switch in the sond port so here no possibility to install new / other firmware, Keep telling people not to buy this stuf from Bangood or Gearbest …………..I don't know what to buy anymore maybe the Minix ?? but with one ?

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