Android TV box 2016 Review – Fxexblin TX5 Pro 2GB Buy from Banggood: Buy from Gearbest: TX3 Pro TV Box Buy …


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  1. Does this box allow you to download finesse tv? I know you need a subscription to view over 3000 channels. Thanks.

  2. Sophie Cattle Reply

    Any idea how to delete old apk install files that sit in the appinstaller ?

  3. Mahir Hrustanovic Reply

    Hi, first of all great video, but I want to ask you about the camera. You were using your camera with this box, can you use it with skype or facebook messanger, like video calls and so?

  4. Cameran Manner Reply

    it's been a few years… how is it holding up. are there slow down issues. i have fear that this box slows down over a period of time due to the manufacturer included system recycle app.

  5. rushfanbytor Reply

    Ok I have this box for a while. So now how do I fix the rooted device error

  6. Hello how can I watch live tv international including sports ECT using the TX5 pro tv box?

  7. Kerth Michael Yadao Reply

    xiaomi box or this?? thoughts

    did you use an wireless mouse or keyboard there?

  8. Xrhstos Lar1ssa Reply

    Please help i have a budget of 50€ which tv box do you recomend me?I want it to have a clean homescreen at least 2gb ram and 16 storage PLEASE HELP!

  9. His Royal Dudeness Reply

    hi bro chigz. I just bought this based on my budget and your android tv box chart (amazing effort on yr part). just wondering if you could recommend a kodi build for this box. also if I were to install kodi krypton, will this box still be stable? had problems with kodi17 on my nexsmartd32. thanks bro 🙂

  10. Doug Gertzen Reply

    And how does it work as a web browser? That's what I need it for.

  11. Hello good day i have a question do i really need to update firmware before using the tx5 I just bought yesterday i read the manual how to update but i did not try to update i hook it right away to my tv and watched youtube flawlessly.
    i saw the build number 2017620 is build number and firmware are different?

  12. Thanks for the videos Chigz. Is this video still up to date? I will be setting up a TX5 Pro this week and am hoping to find some no hassle apps and instructions on what I need to do to get the box up and running. My wife and son will need an easy to do setup. This is our first time using an android box. I appreciate you taking any time you can to help steer me in the right direction. Thank you!

  13. Harold Powell Reply

    I was wondering if u ever give any of the boxes away after u review them

  14. Matt Del Videos VLOGS Reply

    I like this box so far, i would like to add the apps you have on this one

  15. Pavlo Kobzar Reply

    thanks for this review. Is Kodi pre-installed on this box with all the repos?

  16. Tri Maryanto Reply

    Does it supports Google Play Movies & TV ? Also does it able to change the quality on Youtube videos ? I was unable to do both on MXQ-R9 (old and cheap box. I know)

  17. I have the Tanix Tx5 pro, tried to install a update but now the wifi doesn't work anymore… The build is date from august 13 2016. What build did you install? You have a link?

  18. antonius franxiskus Reply

    nice… hi chigz can you use this TX5 for video call by skype? and how it's work? and what about mic fungtionil on your web cam. is that works too?

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