Turn your iPhone, iPad, Android Device into a portable Karaoke System. You can even use Google Chromecast to cast the lyrics to your TV or monitor.

Works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows and even Google Glass

Software Used: Musixmatch –

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  1. Darrell Humphries Reply

    This is a Good tool for a home sing-a-long to learn new songs. I am looking for an app that can play MP3/CDG file format.

  2. You show the microphone on your thumbnail but don't talk about it

  3. You can YouTube as karaoke or to sing along with lyrics and avoid the multiple apps

  4. Yogesh Sharma Reply

    It’s not karaoke and also it doesn’t work the way it described on my phone. I tried it on my I phone

  5. Undertaker&Kane Fan Reply

    Karaoke is music but the artist don't sing the song

  6. Lucia Gunn Reply

    That’s no karaoke machine…it’s not even a karaoke app!

  7. E. Martinez Reply

    dude what is going on with those deep red sunken eye sockets of yours are you warm prescription drugs or do you just have fuchsia a shadow on cuz you look like you're on dope

  8. Camel Mountain - מזוודות , תיקי גב , תיקי נסיעה Reply

    ya but how does the karaoke microphone connect to the device?

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