Tronsmart MK908 Android media player that I recommend, it has the best software and hardware An updated …




  1. Tinashe Gumbe Reply

    Power or I should say current would come from the HDMI port as the "architecture" allows for low voltage amongst other things

  2. Donte Shorts Reply

    i bought 2: one dont come on and the other come on but the wifi and bluetooth dont come on. I got the mk808's for games and kodi im a buy one from your link where you got yours from. which one better that fast and strong signal

  3. Glitchy Soup Reply

    Does this is capatiable of playing 60 fps videos? This is very important for me.

  4. FaithsFallen Reply

    HDMI is digital, if you have a connection you have a connection if you don't you don't, we are not in the analogue era anymore. Do you work in a shop selling people gold plated HDMI leads for better picture quality?

  5. Helio Formaggio Reply

    this model allows for screen rotation? I'm looking for models so I can rotate.

  6. pakalolo kebun Reply

    wow very interesting…my I know this items have signel direct from satellite or must have internet..

  7. mohammed faris.k Reply

    want to buy one android mini pc now.
    which is value for the money.?

  8. Tony Ortega Reply

    can you use an actual rf signal remote via USB port, and can you use the browser in the stick to download and access xbmc/kodi? thanks

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