WELCOME TO RIGA, LATVIA! We were so stoked to travel to Riga, because we’ll be staying in this beautiful city for 2 weeks! This is by far the longest we’ve …




  1. I have been in the same hotel in Lithuania! Thats so weird. 😁

  2. Tina Baltvilka Reply

    I have been to every place they have in this video apart from the pub
    P.s. pistachio thing are the BEST

  3. Damn you guys are so positive & glooooowing. Glad you liked our town 🤟🏼

  4. Ella Maksimova Reply

    Прив, ставь лайк если из Латвии но говоришь по русски

  5. i'm very late, but had you seen the sights at early morning? before the sun rising

  6. krista rumpeters Reply

    you guys should visit Kuldiga, Latvia. I went to Latvia and it was the most beautiful city.

  7. Artūrs Bondars Reply

    Thats isn't the way how to say toast in latvian! Correct would be "priekā" or "prīkā"…

  8. Maija Ozola Reply

    One important thin about Black Balsam. Its made from 24 vulnerary herbs. So its more like dietary supplement and not alcoholic drink. Has been used like that from 1752.

  9. Im a person just like you Reply

    I have questions since im for latvia
    Answer honestly.

    1.Would you prefer china or latvia?
    2.Was the food different?
    3.if you could see all of the latvia land would you?
    4.if you could become latvian would you?
    5.do you like our dances and traditions?

    I love to hear from other countries that they love latvia💕🇱🇻

  10. If you love Pistacio´s so much – off to Siciliy Italy – super doofer beautiful and full of everything pistachio!
    Love your Videos btw!!! Please keep ob the great, funny traveling work!

  11. The traditional history of the Cat House is that the Swedish Trading Association was next door. They wouldn’t allow Latvians to join, so the owner of the house fashioned the cat on the top with its backside facing the Trade Association! The Swedes asked him to turn it around in favor of letting him join their association!

  12. alida briedene Reply

    I live in latvia and facts what latvians hate 1 high praces like candy 3 eur to much 2 can't make high money from working and more can't tell you. And how did you like it there and the food was good

  13. #-Kate Hawk-# Reply

    Fun fact from a Latvian, and actually more from me!: 11:53 in the background is the place where me and many other people made a flashmob a month ago! And for me and many other's the old town is actually not a place you can get lost it, I mean you can but you recognize many buildings and stuff
    It was sooo nice seeing your reactions about my country💖💞💞you're reactions were sweet 😊👌 I hope you could come back again!
    A 13 year old Latvian girl from the internet~ X3

  14. Edijsozoz ozoz Reply

    I am living in Latvia 🇱🇻 and I live in riga hi is in Latvian čau

  15. 64 people reacted on you guy's not liking riga's black balsam 😀

  16. Robert Hennum Reply

    Randomly found this, I'm going to Latvia and I'm from Daygo! Well done, thanks! ⚡

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