Following my review round-up of the best Android launchers that you can download in 2020 (including Nova, Lawnchair 2 etc), I tested out some of your …


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  1. Valerian Teritron Reply

    Great video! In general I love Android for how multi-dimensional it can be configured and tweaked! Its THE OS for all people, that don't want to be limited to what a company may had restricted a product to! The other OS is for people with limited brain, so they are only able to use, what has been given to them!

  2. Vésaal Rjsé Reply

    Thank you for the video.. Where do you get your amaaaaaaaazing wallpapers from ?

  3. sathish mohan Reply

    I still use hola launcher which is removed from play store for some reasons. This hola launcher has a unique thing called T9 app search from home screen. That means you swipe up to get a T9 keypad where you can type and search for the apps. Also this launcher supports Omni swipe app which pops up frequently used apps from bottom corners of the home screen

  4. Nebojša Ćalić Reply

    You should definitely try Ceri Launcher –
    It's rather refreshing in the sea of similar launchers.

  5. The best launcher is Blackberry – other I tried they work not smoothly on my Nokia 7.2

  6. I just bought the xaomi mi 9t pro about a month ago and I downloaded the pocolauncher within a few days. I absolutely love it, especially the app drawer which the mi 9t pro didn't originally have.

  7. Djordje Gusman Reply

    really appreciate that Bury Tomorrow in the music widget

  8. I use the basic Microsoft Launcher for my Weather and Notes widgets. I also have News from a left swipe. I access my apps by swiping from the right side of the screen to activate my customized app panel from Meteor Swipe.

    Works really well!

  9. shubham kr Reply

    The thing is … Nova doesn't support the new gestures that come with the android 10. So i have to use either the basic 3 key or the 2 key navigation bar with nova… Hope they update this very soon

  10. The best designed/new innovative phone this year has to be that new concept phone from oneplus but sucks that theyre not gonna distribute/sell that device to the public(why show off if theyre just gonna be fucking bloats sitting on it😣😤😡😠)

    You best believe im buying that Microsoft Surface Duo✊🏿

  11. Trap Vulcan Reply

    No Android 10 navigation capability

    Not gonna change to any Launcher until any of them has this

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