Android L features on the Nexus 5. This is everything you need to know about the best of it! Android L wallpaper: Android L …




  1. Android 10:oh hi lollipop im the 5th upgrade from you.

    Android Lollipop: Nah I didn't see anything new, your just copied features in other platforms.😆

  2. That early material design was really disguisting. Good thing it matured with Android 7 and up.

  3. jdoggmusicman Reply

    Watching this currently on Android OREO. It's easy to forget that all of Android's simple little features we take for granted weren't always there.

  4. sushant Kumar Reply

    Watching in 2018 and I am currently running Android Oreo

  5. Salim El Yabouri Reply

    This looks way different than what we got.. miss the CRT-Off animation tho

  6. Hamza Ahmed Khan Reply

    video is good….I have the nexus 5 but I'm going to buy nexus 5 2015 model its really cool…..

  7. Stijn van Dijk Reply

    sony already had some of the things in android kitkat

  8. Watching on a brand new, android l moto g 4g gen 2! 😀

  9. Vijay Kumar Reply

    I need a basic review of best launchers available on Playstore dude

  10. Tahmid Islam Reply

    Ur videos r great!! I need ur opinion , what's better the 2nd gen moto e , huawei ascend g620s or Sony xperia m2?

  11. does anybody with android L on there galaxy S5 have problems with searching for the songs you want to listen to in the music app. i'm always getting "no results" when i clearly have the song in my library.

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