An early look at the next version of Android… It better be called Android Peppermint.

AndroidPolice post:

Android P Developer Preview:

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Intro Track: Under the Water by Alltta



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  1. Android paranoid haha. Like it. Just got it for my unlocked Asus R.O.G. phone. Only a year later.

  2. J TheSlickGamer Reply

    Here's how it works:
    iPhones copy Android phones, just makes the features better
    Google copies iOS.

  3. Samsung users think they have it bad. Just got the update for my lg g6😭😭

  4. Pritesh Gohil Reply

    Bro what ever you said was many device have already without having android 9 pie

  5. Change Maker Reply

    Hello bro…! A voice of Bangladesh.
    If you add Bengali (Bangladesh) language , we will realize your tech talk soothingly……💓💓💓

  6. Andre Nava Reply

    GREAT Vid. i have a sony xperia xa 2 ultra, and android works in a different way: no themes for example. you have to download/buy those from the appstore. The grayish section at the bottom, didnt exists. And, in Nougat, you could put the clock with seconds. Too bad that disapeared. Dont know why, clock looked cool with seconds.

  7. Rajdeep Dhara Reply

    I came from the future and yess Pixel 3 XL has a large ugly notch

  8. JuanR 4140 Reply

    No lie but my J7 Crown Pie update came. Surprised because I read online that phones 2017 and behind won't get one. J7 Crown was released in 2017 I believe!!

  9. Thomas Engel Reply

    Please help
    How to disable this New context autorotate feature?

  10. Have a Samsung Galaxy A10 and it's great, especially since it was only 200$ CAD

  11. Morteza Talebiannia Reply

    u left out the stupid volume change. I wanna be able to change my ring volume from whatever app I am in. I shouldn't be forced to goto the sound setting page!!!! android pie really sucks. PLus in the recent apps I could see my 5 recent apps in a glance. now it is just one or two. They have made things more difficult. I am disappointed really

  12. Dragutin Todosijevic Reply

    I think Android P looks like shit i would rather have the old Ice Cream Sandwich look.The interface is like a cartoon for kids

  13. Or welcome to July 2019 when the LG G7 finally got the Android 9.0 update 😒😒😒!!!

  14. Hasaan Anjum Reply

    Lockdown is very useful if you have room mates and you want to sleep sometimes.. no one can just lift your phone and put your finger on the reader and unlock the phone while you are asleep

  15. How can it be peppermint, you fool? That's not a sweet. That's a flavour

  16. Milrok Seeks Reply

    I'm using a j7 neo some of the features are not on my phone

  17. Milrok Seeks Reply

    I now cannot use me volume button to silence my phone or notification 😡

  18. Andrew Hernandez Reply

    Extra 900$ for extra 5 new internal OS features including just moving clock to the left? No thanks!
    Lol XD

    I liked your video btw like always because of your best presentation & details. Also you have the best voice & pronunciation than other YouTube who do gadget details. Thanks a lot for this btw.

  19. A year later and only 10% of android users have android P lmao

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