Android M Developer Preview features and facts!

Full feature list:

Full Google I/O 2015 Keynote:

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Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



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  1. Hello. Me is from future. Android M is Marshmallow. And android P is Pie

  2. On Android 10 and I'm on pixel and I'm missing Android 6, 7 and 8 and 5

  3. Joe Norero Reply

    The volume when it goes high wont ask you id your ok with turning it all the way up!!!!

  4. GD And tech Reply

    im from 2019 and android 9 p is pie we don't know what android Q 10 is

  5. Louis Brian Reply

    I'm from the future, The latest android version is android 9.0 pie. And i'm still on marshmallow ._.

  6. thetalentlessartist Reply

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is andorid marshmallow

  7. Crazy how volume control and fingerprint reading was "advanced", I'm here 3 years later running Android 9.0 Pie on my One Plus 6 !

  8. Diego Portillo Reply

    This is the worst Android version ever; Buggy, Laggy, Ugly and Immature interface. An overall piece of shit!!!

  9. Belinda Cooper Reply

    Screw the top five because the basics are not even there in the marshmallow such as insert picture in picture and speed dial.

  10. Abdul Parda Reply

    m stands for marshmallow ,i know cause i'm from the future

  11. I use the home button feature on this video… Work! Thanks a million!

  12. Kimmy The Dog Lover Reply

    i have the Flare J5 phone that costs 10,500+ 🙂

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