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What is up guys? We come back with another video. In this time, Top 10 Best Offline Multiplayer Games For Android and iOS that you can play with local connection like bluetooth,WiFi, and LAN or Local network! In this video we will include most of the category of game like offline android ios games, offline open world multiplayer games, offline multiplayer RPG games, etc. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comment section below. Hit the like icon and press the subscribe button for more update.

All of the games featured in video are best released so you can play them right away. Most games are free, but some are paid too, and free ones contains ads mostly, but all of them are very fun and worth trying. The list in not ranked in any particular order, so you can decide which game you find most appealing. Most game-play featured in video are from my device: Google Pixel.

THUMBNAIL From Hero Siege Pocket Edition Game.

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Subscribes for more cool stuff :
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List Games :

🎮 Muffin Knight
🎮 Terraria
🎮 BombSquad
🎮 Soul Knight
🎮 King of Karts
🎮 Portal Knight
🎮 Ice Rage
🎮 Stickman Party
🎮 The Escapists 2 Pocket Breakout
🎮 Hero Siege Pocket Edition

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  1. The must cooler game was terraria and I play that soul knight but I delete it

  2. The Game boi Rikki Reply

    Just couse of the thumbnail who plays on their phone like that

  3. me as a kid:Is it possible to have not internet.or friends and we can multiplayer

    me now:*flash back*no

  4. ApPLe_ JuIcE Reply

    Ive already completed minecraft , terraria , stardew valley , crashlands ,,… i need more gameees!!! 😉😉

  5. my minecraft worldcraft Reply

    Its amazing man love u dude please make part 2 & 3 please 😎😎😎😎

  6. Jhonny Enriquez Reply

    I have downloaded the portal knight but no 60fps settings, can u help me ?

  7. Sagar Kumar Reply

    Hi.. Pls make a list of best android hotspot racing games. TIA 🍫🍫🍫

  8. Infamous God Reply



    Still waiting for the final update

  9. metal condoms are underated Reply

    This channel has a really good future ahead i love it

  10. Noor Bolbol Reply

    What is the game name of the video cover or thumbnail? And thanks

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