Rachel Maddow reports breaking news that Tom Hanks has announced on social media that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, have tested positive for the …




  1. Imagine 30 years Later, the Corona Virus will be Diskussed in School as an Historical Event like Aids today.

  2. When is Australia going to cut all travels to and from the Sick country of USA ?

  3. Wesley Williams Reply

    I would say that's bad but the way he hates president Trump he got what he deserved

  4. He married because his wife reminded him of his volleyball "friend"

  5. Serpent Seed black mamba the end of days Reply

    Can virus penetrate on reptilians?

  6. firehuntfish Reply

    The media recently reported that John Travolta had also been tested for Corona-virus… Turns out it was only Saturday Night Fever…

  7. Ask to seduce Miss Reply

    Chet Hanks tested positive for being a spoiled, overprivaledged, talentless loser

  8. Hollie Moodie Reply

    LIfe is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.

  9. Gi_Gi_ Alight Reply

    They caught it from an American crew member. Isolate Tom and Rita on Christmas Island. Australia says no to treating wealthy American's from taking beds and resources from Australian's. Send them and their crew to Christmas Island.⚖️

  10. Mick Lawton Reply

    Do people not realise she's absolutely insane. I'm English and I can see it from a mile away lol. Rachel mad cow 🐮 maddow…. Maddow. Sorry

  11. Who cares? What does he actually contribute to society… based on his profession, not much

  12. oh surprise! maybe the high powers want to get rid of their puppets…

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