Tom Hanks tweeted that he and wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus in Australia after developing symptoms like fever and body aches. CBSN Boston has details.




  1. jimmy jimmy Reply

    Minor illness. Light flu syptoms. Only immune deficient are dying. FAKE NEWS

  2. Cocho De guerrero Reply

    The new world order is here.. bye to the dinosaur sistem created 1000 years ago

  3. One day you wake up and realize the news is total Political nonsense , untrue and greedy.

  4. Michael Myers Reply

    The comments from these people making jokes out this are disgusting.

  5. Andrea Piumatti Reply

    Many think that coronavirus is a weapon of the USA.
    Who is in charge of your country today? Are they perhaps intrenational criminals?
    What is left of America from John Kennedy and Luther King today?
    The USA loves war! This is a big problem today for the rest of the world.
    Even in 2020 the USA loves WAR !!! ….. because WAR = money and power.
    American people, what are you doing ???

  6. Guess crime filled Memphis was a non starter for filming……played it safe in White Australia!

  7. Guess crime filled Memphis was a non starter for filming……played it safe in White Australia!

  8. Guess crime filled Memphis was a non starter for filming……played it safe in White Australia!

  9. The Democrats want open borders no matter what! Let the infected stream into the US! LOL The only virus worth eradicating in the Biden-Pelosi virus.

  10. Carol Benson Reply

    Shame on you for reporting this….what about the many people here that also have the virus? Oh that's right…we don't have the money they do for the best care for this virus.

  11. Kevin Duggan Reply

    Tom Hanks is the real deal radicalized communist to the point where he is not allowed to own firearms.

  12. Grateful Dad Reply

    It would be classic if Rita tried to leave isolation and he screamed out “Wilson!!!!!”

  13. Grateful Dad Reply

    Last time Tom Hanks was alone and isolated with only the company of a Wilson he almost lost it. Hope he doesn’t get a cavity again.

  14. Michael Green Reply

  15. TheSheepDogPatriot1776 Reply

    I used to like Tom Hanks, But he sold out to the globalists agenda, and now he has contracted a Globalists man made bio weapon, LOL Hope you die!!!

  16. Michael DeSilvio Reply

    I bought a fuckchemtrails t shirt and a made in America MAGA hat on eBay.

  17. Lol….Tom please pass it on to your liberal buddies would appreciate it much…

  18. Word. Today I saw on a Company from Brazil. They have roughly 4 weeks for clearance to do a 1 hour confirmation test if someone has does not have Corona. Everyone talking about the fact where not with nough testing devices etc. This could help.
    Check out 100,000,000 made overnight for faster detection test for forons.

  19. Tom hanks has something much worse than Corona

  20. FE Nelson NZ Reply

    What a load of rubbish. The virus doesn't exist. Please tell me how you test for the flu.

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