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  1. Glacierr Gaming Reply

    What champion do you wanna see me play next?! 🤔🤔 Comment Below!!

  2. W doesn't make Panth immune to damage or unstoppable lol. She just auto him lol.


    if you would have went for dragon at 23 min directly after you aced them they would not have stolen it.

  4. Zenballa Gaming Reply

    that first blood woulda been cooler if you hit E and blocked the tower shot

  5. Robert Landers Reply

    I was waiting for you to throw spear at start i was like wtf he doin

  6. GunFuMaster Reply

    I kinda play Pantheon as a basic attack monster. The build I kinda been liking is Conqueror w/ triumph, alacrity, coup de grace, domination w/ sudden impact and rav hunter, and then for items I always build BORK first, Wit's End if the AP is fed, Sunfire if an AD is fed, Guinsoo's and Death's dance. With 3 on-hit items you pretty much melt anyone on an empowered W. Especially with BORK first, you can even brawl with like a fed darius top if you're careful enough.

    But what am I saying, I never play ranked. People are so unbelievably toxic and I don't need that kinda toxicity if I'm playing a video game.

  7. alex malamas Reply

    Nice video bro. I agree with the other guys commenting below, could you please write in the description of the video all the runes you are using with this build. And do it for every champion you showcase. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. 23:10 kindred just saved your ass and he killed his own team with that ult

  9. Think you could add the runes and full build items somewhere for me?

  10. YvngPuffyBoi Reply

    One thing I do with Pantheon that helps out, is get 4 stacks of passive, then W and stun, get the last stack, then Q and do more damage. It works really well for me and it does more damage and doesn't waste your stacks on your W. Keep up the great work!

  11. kekec rozle Reply

    21.55:you were alone, no one in your team wasnt a live or any on the other team

  12. I think you run hail of blades as a replacement to the empowered w. So the combo will probably go, empowered q, w (hail of blades proc), auto, then you have full stacks again for another empowered q.

  13. Is there a chance for Pantheon top to be viable? I'm not really a mid lane player

  14. Angelo Sadang Reply

    Hi. You asked why players run Hail of blades.. as a Pantheon Main (not being boastful, im still learning tho), it is because of panth's W.. once he has 5stacks, when he land W on the Enemy.. he will automatically attack 3 times.. so if Pantheon has 5 stacks passive and has Hail of Blades.. he actually do 6 attacks exceeding the maximum attack speed any champ can do.. that's what i understand everytime i play panth with HoB.. and also.. i tried it on practice tool with and without hail of blades.. the one with HoB is insane <3

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