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  1. taekook-lives Reply

    Some of you mentioned that Itaewon is from a comic so Tae must have known the plot but keep in mind that just knowing a plot of a comic doesn’t mean you can know about a plot of a remake. It can change drastically and it often does. The acting, the style, the added or deleted scenes, they can sometimes change the whole plot so unless you watch it, you won’t know what you’re waiting for. As I mentioned even the name that he chose was significant in the story so he had to know to some extents.

    Also as I mentioned is is for the movie but based on how he wrote it and when he wrote it, it can have a personal meaning too.

  2. I am not here to hate, I love Taekook and actually write fanfics of them but I feel that the analysis’ are making them uncomfortable for example on jhope’s bday live last year tae seemed uncomfortable about the vkook comments

  3. ….you can't even let Taehyung have his own song without make it about ships. He's a person too, he have individuality. Why can't you let at least he have that. I swear you don't respect the guy and his work. It's just to fulfill your fantasies.

  4. man wth? shippers have whole ass analysis videos on them? That’s taking it way too far

  5. One thing i just want to say, is that TAEHYUNG is literally made to take over all of korean OSTs bc HIS VOICEEEE omg and as for the song, like damn even if someone wanted to be cautious and said that this is all based on the plot of the comic, I STILL couldn't believe that thought. Because the whole song fits soooo perfectly to Taekook and i just feel like crying. But at the end of the day we will enver know wats the truth but we can hope.

  6. the clip of them saying i love you to army and jk going "look at you all jealous" or something similar, where is it from?

  7. Elyaqiym Arcenas Reply

    Heyyyyy girl got a questionnnn
    It's a bit out of topic but plz reply if you could….

    For you who's fit to be the top?

  8. South korea is den of homophobics can they just literate themselves n be less homophobic . They should know they are disgusting.

  9. fuckyou homophobic Reply

    I was like I wanna cry like "omg tae pls dont hide your feeling like that its gonna hurt u plz just confess to jk and we will support u"
    And demn I really wanna cry my heart hurt so bad😢

  10. Muanawmi Renthlei Reply

    this has been bugging me for so long but, what do you think of all the vsoo rumors e.g. the cartier watch that tae has been wearing for along periodically time, i just wanna know your opinions about that whole fiasco, thank you for all the amazing videos~

  11. ARMY_VKOOK_BLINK ! Reply

    Itaewon class.. I cant describe it! It is one of the favorites dramas!! Like the plot is amazing.. Things came up, that I didn't expect! I was on the first episode and 30 minutes in and I was already crying! The actors are wow! Okay.. When in the drama is Park Seo Joon can it not be famous and amazing?? No!
    I really really like this drama! And.. Its all thanks to V, that amazing human, and I found that masterpiece! The song was also very good!
    I agree and Love all your theories!
    Love Taekook!! 💜💜💜😊Byye~

  12. So basically you're saying you don't believe Taehyung and his explanation for the song, and you're sure the song is Taekook, even though Taehyung has been telling about it a lot of times. Please don't forget to stream innerchild too, maybe it has a Taekook meaning too, right?

  13. Y’all taekookers obviously don’t know the storyline for itaewon class . Don’t make sweet night out of taekook when taekook has nothing to do with it’s LITERALLY FOR A DRAMA

  14. btspnvav Raquel Reply

    Amor você podia colocar legenda em português Brasil? Por favor eu acompanho todos os seus vídeos.

  15. Lola Lolita Reply

    Winter man, how proud I feel for you, listening to you in this beautiful song, I appreciate your feelings and the maturity you show when expressing them. Every time I see each of your gestures, you show an emotional intelligence that I want to learn from. I am very happy seeing the galaxy that is in you, the one that shines through your beautiful, tender and sincere smile, for which I thank your family, friends and all that person who really values ​​you. Today I have seen you in a video, when you have looked at the camera and smiled for a few seconds, I have felt happiness, please do not stop sharing your galaxy with us, because everything is yours if you smile.

  16. Lola Lolita Reply

    The fact is…
    … that you can no longer hide your favoritism towards your true bias.
    … that comparing your true bias to something that is too good to be true is a great example of what a stan is like.
    … that reducing the great creative work done by winter man in this ost, to the almost non-existent ship good for everything, is a great search for attention.
    … that when choosing your true bias one looks for similarities with which to feel identified, in your case it would be the ego.
    … that reality does not like but that is why it is still true.

  17. Hello, I really like the content you do, since you give more depth to some theories of the TAEKOOK .. I would like you to make a video where you analyze the new songs that the boys released, (jungkook and taehyumg). Since I personally have analyzed them more thoroughly and I can say that they have something to do with the TAEKOOK, but I am not sure. For that reason I would like you to do it Cheers

  18. Dayana Gomez Reply

    I love this analysis, but come to think of reality what if he’s just going along with the story, or what if he has a secret lover that we don’t know about. It could be anything but if it’s about jungkook then :🤯😍😍😍😍😍🥳🤩

  19. you analyzing taekook is equal to my english teacher analyzing “johnny gave mark and locket” .. I LOVE YOU creator-nim. nonon hate i was just making a joke,, i love your videos

  20. do you know about Taehyung who commented on Vlive Gfriend when they were live? Please give me an explanation … My heart is very chaotic ㅠㅠ

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