On-Hit Mana Tech Pantheon Top Gameplay! League of legends Pantheon Season 10 gameplay!
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Season 10 Pantheon runes guide League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Tenacity – Coup de Grace
Bone Plating – Overgrowth
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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  1. 18:24 "Plus thirty six percent of our target's current health." Ah, no, not quite. It's a little under 32% from bork because each hit does 12% of what's left after the previous hit. So the first does 12, the second does 10.56% of what they had when you started, and the third does 9.29% of what they had when you started. And that's only if you weren't doing any other damage. The rest of the damage you're doing per hit reduces the bork damage further, even though the total damage is still higher that way.

  2. Leon Chris Reply

    How does his aa stack manamune? Is it due to his passive?

  3. neocloudzero Reply

    i like these videos, but I kind of question the skill of this garen… why is he not trading properly at level 1 and gave the lane away. If he auto Q auto at level when pant went up to Q, garen will always win trade. He gets poked for no reason under turret, he spins before he is even near minions. Starting with dorans shield? and buy berserker into a losing lane vs pant?

  4. You can't call troll builds unfair lol. Lethality panth is infinitely better :p

  5. Ahhh. Now i know where the build that lost my enemy pantheon his 6/0 lead came from 😀

  6. At 2:40 in game you could have hit the second part of e then q for the kill

  7. rico montana Reply

    just came here to dislike for the thumbnail stop please

  8. When the ezreal killed you with his ult I knew that was going to happend

  9. Lol, tower damage at 16:08 …I was like jesus! Then he goes in and gets both kills….So many people would have just bailed.

  10. Michael Kantor Reply

    Do you think press the attack or hail of blades will make the build better in any sort of way ,I am a new player who hasnt started ranked games yet so what in your opinion is best for m
    Very low elo ?

  11. Migger inika Reply

    Might it be better to go PtA here? Since the triple auto already procs the three hit activation?

  12. Timothy Williams Reply

    21:34 we gonna ignore that the Morgana traded 1 for 1 in a 1v4 against their team in their own base?

  13. 0riginal S1n Reply

    Died in bots and started a surrender vote as a joke…everyone voted yes…I had to start a new account out of embarrassment

  14. Carlos Raul Ramirez Antelo Reply

    You played that Pantheon like a piano bro…way too good 🤘

  15. Daniel Ashton Reply

    When you talk about the "algorithm" for youtube, what does that mean? Your vids always show on my home page when you post new ones. I drop the like for the sweet content, but I'm just wondering what it really does.

    Thanks for the helpful tips, great content, and explanations on macro play; you're always explaining, in great detail, why you do certain things or go for certain plays…etc and it really does help me improve my game.

  16. 16:40 is it bad that I was waiting for krugs to kill him? Somewhere coconut was watching that, and salivating.
    No BM. Long time fan here, love your content. But accidents do happen. 😂

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