Between ‘Space Jam,’ ‘The Simpsons’ and a psychic’s book from 2008 — did pop culture predict the Coronavirus?

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  1. Vince Evans Reply

    Long story short lock gram & gramps in the basement for a month & go about business as usual. Mean while hunt down your local celebrity’s & drag them into the streets for trail and execution. Oof was that harsh?

  2. We need to start putting stuff together on the zombie apocalypse because of it's all planned that is something that can take place in the future as well as the purge.

  3. Too bad John Coffey isn't still alive to suck that crap out of Tom Hanks. See Tom… That's what you get for having Coffey walk the Green Mile.

  4. Fighting Fire With Fire Reply

    Since when was this classified as an airborne virus? I could understand a Dr. telling people to treat it as one but I don't think it's classified as one(atleast by the medical definition).

  5. Madalina MADALINA Reply

    I strongly believe that predictions are in fact…curses

  6. itsberriebaby Reply

    For real let me move to antartica lol 🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭

  7. First name Last name Reply

    What a damn wanksta. “Their not trippin” its the wuhan virus!

  8. The Empress Reply

    The Simpsons are psychics or might consult them!How do they know before time what's, going to happen? It's always bad or bizarre stuff they show!😁😁😁😁

  9. This shit is all planned out and made by man. Lets not fall for this. Im pretty sure they didnt predict anything. Lets no be deceived of what we see on the internet or any other social media platforms cuz it makes us panic abt whats happening in the world when in fact we shouldnt:>>

  10. cardi b can you please do your concert normally can you please do it normally like nothing ever happened just for you only please please man

  11. Jaime Michelle Reply

    it’s ridiculous how many times the simpson’s predicted shit lmao

  12. Some of these commenters annoy me so much with their uneducated ignorant fear

    The all seeing eye is the sign on creation. If you look at the seal of the United States you can see clearly that it is Geb, the day/earth, making love to Nut, the night/sky (hence the vaginal opening and the old fashioned way ot writing Nut's name 'Nuit' s spelled right there, "nuit" is the exact same word as "night"). The eye is the orgasm of creation and the sun in Nut's belly. The sun, washington DC in between VIRGINia and MARYland. Some of us are educated enough to recognize a beutiful symbol for union when we see it. "ONE, oh ONE, the only way is ONE". ANNU is heliopolis.

    Stop being ignorant.

    "Against History, Against Leviathan"

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