World War Z was directed by Marc Forster and shook off a troubled production to prove a critical and commercial success with $540 million in box office sales …




  1. Illustrated Fiction Reply

    Article link:

  2. Nathalie Echem Reply

    I was one of the movie extras.i have a lot of bruises and wounds on my knees After♥️

  3. Rastiya kuta owesi Reply

    A Film jo dikha tehe. Sach mey Muslim ase hi hey korona virus

  4. haidir wasli Reply

    imagine eliud kipchoge as a zombie..clearly you cant outrun him

  5. This move was so unrealistic to the point where I just didn't care

  6. NoToLife YesToNothing Reply

    What they did: ||||wall||||
    What they should’ve done: ||||wall||||

  7. Jesse Orozco-Abarca Reply

    This movie World War Z
    definitely reminds me of

    March 25, 2020:
    65,000+ cases of coronavirus
    in the united states of america
    with 900+ deaths
    & 149 countries quarantined
    plus the tokyo olympics is
    postponed for 12 months now…
    (live update)

    … Next thing you know
    we need to evacuate
    & get to a safe location
    like the movie
    'World War Z.'

  8. So basically what you're telling me is, i should have coronavirus?

  9. Julian Jr Bas Reply

    Obviously because of the stupid people why others are also dying..Reality check…When we say quarantine we should stay at home and avoid crowded people why several can't figure out that it's too dangerous outside…

  10. blingaling25 Reply

    I'm ok with slow zombies these ones he'll yeah I would just get the gun and sing man's not hot

  11. Well, thanks to obesity rates worldwide, when the zombies do come, they'll be too fat to run fast!

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