Welcome to my Best Android Home Launchers of 2019:

(0:00) Shade Launcher:
(0:19) AP15 Launcher:
(0:31) Blackberry Launcher:
(0:46) LessPhone:
(1:02) AIO Launcher:
(1:18) Flick Launcher:
(1:39) Lightning Launcher:
(2:06) Solo Launcher:
(2:24) Mint Launcher:
(2:40) Apex Launcher:
(2:57) Poco Launcher:
(3:12) Total Launcher:
(3:32) Yandex Launcher:
(3:56) Niagara Launcher:
(4:12) Lawnchair:
(4:29) ADW Launcher 2:
(4:53) KLWP:
(5:17) Microsoft Launcher:
(5:39) Hyperion Launcher:
(5:53) Smart Launcher 5:
(6:19) ASAP Launcher:
(6:42) Evie Launcher:
(6:57) CPL:
(7:16) Action Launcher: Pixel Edition:
(7:37) Nova Launcher:

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  1. jimmy florian Reply

    Hey Erin. Speaking about 3d launcher. I want you to make a review or check out TSF launcher. I've used it on LG looks stunning

  2. The Empty Silence Reply

    Well, if i think material design is hell in earth Wtf should i do?

  3. Kuul Gaming Reply

    Thanks for suggestion! I got mint launcher! Best for me, but i wish to have dark mode

  4. Hey 🙂 can somebody tell me which backgroud is used on the Shader Launcher at 0:03 ?

  5. Barry Perry Reply

    easy if you get a oneplus device you wont need a launcher

  6. Michael Hinzmann Reply

    I don't know if anyone else has cpmplaonr?!!!. I'm about to!! You suck for not mentioning that in order to get it the way you say it, purchases need to be made. Like 7 dollars to get a blur effect in smart launcher 5 ….. Fuck that!?!!! Next time maaan, be straight up with your shit! Thanks

  7. Syed Iftikhar Ali Reply

    Is it just me or does your voice sound like you're sick or just..less enthusiastic as compared to other vids. of yours!

  8. Antonio Rodriguez Reply

    What widget is that on the Nova that has the day with the shape of the city on the back? 7:38

  9. Leroy Glass Reply

    Can you ask Google to feature your voice in the Google Assistant?

  10. Albert Huang Reply

    Google take down the CPL on playstore, what a pussy move. Square home is pretty good, try it.

  11. Nurhabib Hadjisaid Reply

    Does the launcher makes your phone slower or makes the battery fast to die?

  12. Dean Winchester Reply

    Where can i get the clock widget for nova launcher?

  13. Simranjit Singh Reply

    I got so bored with my launcher and searched for this video and watched the whole thing to see which is the best and first on your list and it's the same I've been using lmao. I'm now even more confused if I should I change it or not.

  14. At number two I was starting to wonder where Nova launcher 😂

  15. Dinico Nights Reply

    Hey @Mrwhosetheboss does an app exist which can change your wallpaper when you turn dark mode in android 10 on or off? When yes pls put it in one of your videos because i would love to have this option

  16. Dinico Nights Reply

    I use action launcher and in my opinion is it the best launcher ever
    (I know it is weird) I have 3 phones and on every single one I use action launcer and I found a way of using it so that it is basicly perfect my home screen is complitly empty beside the search bar at the BOTTOM (that was one of the most importent this for me) when you swipe to the right you can open google feed and at the left you open an floating page where my clock, date and Weather is and also my most 8 used apps so yea it is perfect and everything is dark and when i turn dark mode off everything goes white
    I wish the wallpaper could change to but thats seems not be posible because i dont find any app for this in the playstore

  17. Viktor Kreuzer Reply

    Can someone tell me how to remove the notificaton bar (Status bar) complitely – i want to use the ap15 launcher

  18. Wow, straight into the video, I'm so used to the "make sure to like subscribe" bullshit that I was so supprised

  19. First Name Last Name Reply

    Yeah everybody knew Nova would be first, they've been the best for over 5 years by now. As soon as I saw Nova at the Niagra list, it was clear it'll rank first.

  20. mc simmons Reply

    CPL is gone which brings into question what launchers are going to be around down the road.

  21. Haroldo Duarte Reply

    When you use the launchers does the original one keeps running at the background?
    Like ram/cpu/battery?

  22. sidhartha sahu Reply

    Who here like the stock launcher provided with the phone drop 👍

  23. Klwp and nova launcher is amazing. There is communitys all over social media who will help you learn to build your own or share there work. Highly recommended

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