What do the Vertical and Angled Grip actually do? How much of an improvement do they offer in terms of mobility and recoil management? Let’s find out!


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  1. Follow-up video testing ADS times from movement/sprinting here: https://youtu.be/cTS0xW6vHJs

  2. Only newbee uses vertical grip because they can’t spray shit

  3. Taco Salad Reply

    If i have a problem with a guns recoil, I use the vertical, If I dont, I use angled

  4. Mariano Laguzzi Reply

    I think most weapons in the game aren't difficult to control recoilwise, so most of the time the angled is better

  5. BrunoszwaPL Reply

    Let me guess…
    Angled for pros wich aim for head
    Horizontal for this wich are worse and aim body

  6. Death Reviews Reply

    Or you can do what everyone else seems to do, cheat, and install a script that will almost eliminate recoil completely.

  7. You should do another video like this with the kinda-new-not-really shooting after they did the misalignment changes

  8. Universal M3M3Z Reply

    In my opinion I use both. For example thermite, hibana, Iq are some ops I run angled on. For let’s say Blackbeard, I run vertical. Depends on which gun and sight your using. I like using holo on 552 so angled grip is fine. But on Blackbeard I run acog so vertical grip.(agoc makes recoil harder to control. Both guns have a bit of recoil but I can control iq just fine without acog.not to mention even with agoc it is easier.) winner is both.

  9. As someone who has most of their hours on thermite it only took me 4 years to realize that angled grip is better for his gun. 🙂

  10. Verticla is good for high recoil shoutgun but i user vertical for shotgun and ar,smg mlg i use angle

  11. You can control recoil
    You can't control ADS and hipfire speed

  12. I only prefer vertical if recoil is hard to handle, i prefer vertical because guns don’t have much of a recoil and plus that -1 frame is a huge problem. One second is alot of time in this game, and if you cant get your gun aimed in in time, that ash that just fucked you up had a faster aim in time

  13. Last order Reply

    very informative, thanks for the video. I want to buy a grip for my rifle through Souforce, need some suggestions. https://www.souforce-hunting.com/c/grips-0394

  14. Steel Town Reply

    Obviously this video is old but I am just getting into the game.
    "Angled grip" doesn't really seem to make much sense. Typically this attachment improves horizontal recoil. But in this game it seems to essentially be a quick-draw grip. If that is indeed the case, the name can be misleading.

  15. Mp5sd feels more accurate when with the angle grip rather than the verticle grip
    is it because the verticle grip increases horizontal recoil slightly or is it because im retarded

  16. Since Lazer sights reduce spread by 25%, does that mean having a vertical grip would make the recoil spread even tighter when firing from the hip?

  17. NakkiPeruna Reply

    I use vertical grip for most guns and angled on weapons that dont kick for shit like: Ump45, 19×9, mpx.

  18. Paul Unetourtelle Reply

    AMAZING! Thx a LOT! You are the best! … With Get Flanked :).

  19. I pick depending on the gun. For a gun that already has decent recoil handling i go angled but for more jumpy guns like hibanas i go vertical

  20. What about real life? I want to add a grip to my AR-15 but dont know which one to put

  21. So, after a year, i have few questions. What's ADS time on Zofia's M762 on both vert and agled ? And what's ADS time on bucks' guns ?

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