How To Make Tapioca Pearls & Bubble Tea Recipe [ASMR]
タピオカティーの作り方 [Eating sound]
●● Recipe (レシピ):
●Tapioca pearls:
– 125g Tapioca starch
– 10g Cocoa powder
– 60g Brown sugar
– 5g Tapioca starch
– 70ml Water
– Tapioca starch
– Medium heat 20 minutes
(中火 20分)
– Wait for 30 minutes
– 50ml Water
– 35g Brown sugar
– Low heat 5 minutes
(弱火 5分)
●Milk Tea:
– Recipe 1 (レシピ1):
+ 15g Black tea
+ 200ml Hot water
+ Wait for 15 minutes
+ 20g Brown sugar
+ 60g Milk powder
– Recipe 2 (レシピ2):
+ 2 Black tea bags
+ 100ml Hot water
+ Wait for 10 minutes
+ 20g Brown sugar
+ 140ml Milk
– Whipping cream
+ Cocoa powder
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    can i put in the fridge after i shaped it and give a tapioca flour? so i just need to repeat the step of boiling the pearl

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    Guysssss, if you dont have milk powder, you can use evaporated milk or boil milk and use the bubbles!

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    hi nino! made this recipe twice now (delicious), and the pearls always seem to stick to the bottom of the pan and when I try to mix them and separate them they end up looking like ugly cocoa crispies!! it's really frustrating after spending so much time shaping the dough into beautiful pearls :/ .. how can I fix this?

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