CPU S905 quad-core cortex-A53 frequency …




  1. Shane Singleton Reply

    Just bought one of these for the girlfriend to replace her Fire TV stick which doesn't work that well. Hoping this thing will work well enough for Hulu, etc. If I have to shell out $200 for a Shield TV I will because I love the hell out of mine but,,, she doesn't need the horsepower that a Shield has.

  2. GilBatesLovesyou Reply

    I got one of these for a friend and I'm pretty impressed. It's compatible out of the box with a 360 controller if you have the Microsoft wireless dongle, and it'll read off of a 1tb external hard drive, too. Some complaints, and it's still not the fastest, but for what it is, not bad at all.

  3. good day sir is AV out working?? im looking to connect to an analog TV

  4. colinjockgraham Reply

    can i connect this to a local NAS server ? ye. i am old school

  5. Killa Skrilla Reply

    Which one is better this one or the MQX 4K? Also, can i connect my PS4 Controller to this and run SNES Emulator games? In Malaysia at the moment with a tight budget so thinking of ordering one of these on Lazada to stream movies & tv shows and play some old school games until i have some money to buy a Nvidia Shield… new to the android tv world so would appriciate some advice. 🙂

  6. Great job! After watching all of this videos I decided to buy this tv box from china which I'm still waiting to arrive. In this video you mention you like uninstall kodi, can you make a video with the best configuration this box could had (applications, removing unnecessary apps, best kodi settings, etc)

  7. Can anyone tell me how can we connect a webcamera to this tv box for skype ?

  8. Sassy Chef Reply

    I connected the box to my Roku TV and I got message "Allow Camera to access this device's location?" press everything on both of my remotes and can't get past this question..anyone else having this issue, or would it be kind to explain what to do lol. thanks

  9. Joey Arevalo Reply

    Yeah my android box is horrible. I mean it's cool it has kodi. What's bad is the picture quality. Like the picture is stuck on 720 even after changing settings. Plus it's dim. Can't even fix the brightness on it.

  10. Ismael Rodriguez Reply

    hey, im new to all this andriod tv/box, what i want to know, will this box be any good for streaming live tv channels? The Walking Dead is back next sunday, should i buy this or is there a better option?

  11. Meth Methanoid Reply

    FYI this is NOT a 2.0GHZ box as ALL AMlogic CPUs fake the speed.. the kernel limits the CPU internally to 1.5ghz…

  12. Would it work on your phone if it has been rooted or vice versa?In other words can one device be rooted and the other not & they would still work together?

  13. hi mate, i bought one of these and to me it looked a bit dark, when i go to settings it looks dark, as if the saturation and brightness it really down, but when i pug in my other android box its perfectly well lit. any idea why this could be?

  14. Winston Smith Reply

    Where did you buy your MXQ Pro 4k? I just got mine from the same eBay seller you bought your T95N from and it is NOT rooted.

  15. dplalowski Reply

    question about h.265 codec. where do you get these files or do you transcode all your files to h.265? I am sure it will eventually be the standard codec in the future when all devices support it.

  16. Sort of similar to my android box I have. Looking forward to more android emulation videos in time. Keep up the good work. You always are doing a great job on here.

  17. Brandon Schreiber Reply

    Discovered a great youtube channel today. Subbed and everything. Thanks for 1080p 60fps. Looks great!

  18. Omega Gaming and Tech Reviews Reply

    Hey ETA! Where in NC are you located?

  19. sniperwolfjs Reply

    Hey ETA PRIME, I stay in Waxhaw NC. I heard you stay in NC also. Awesome to hear that. Keep up the awesome work.

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