Another great Android TV OS Box with Optical out. For those of you that like an TV OS with good sound options, this is a great box Become a Patron …




  1. Diane O Shea Reply

    I have this identical box but I do have a static sound coming from it.. what could be the issue

  2. Hi,I have the same box but the problem when I turn the TV off from the TV controller the box also turn off same thing with the box controller,so I have to restart everything from beginning can you help me out with this problem please thanks.

  3. John Pathy Reply

    Looks like I may just have to upgrade to a new box soon. Always like the reviews you do Steve. Only person I trust for these boxes. Have a great day buddy 😀

  4. Gary Stockton Reply

    Wow that looks great. Hope you are doing ok bud. Big hugs.

  5. Tim Windsor Reply

    Awesome review brother TEVERZ. Looks like a great little box . Keep the reviews coming brother. Hope all is well. Have an awesome day. Love ya brother

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