This video will show you how to restore your Ekko Tablet T700 if it gets stuck on Android Logo. Este vídeo vai mostrar-lhe como restaurar o Ekko Tablet T700 se …


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  1. Dellroy Kadijah Reply

    I tried it for so many tymes ,,its not working,now its displaying a notification Android booting recovery

  2. mihajlo nerandžic Reply

    not working when pressed volume up and power on nothing happents

  3. Of your not going to talk you could at least use a color in the text people cam see

  4. andrew larson Reply

    wtf did you do at the beging do i press power button 3 times when its off or on

  5. Beast Prabhjot Reply

    I have ctroniq tablet is any one there with problem please help

  6. XxNinjaTheProxX Reply

    Help me pls my tablet showing on android logo if i plug in the charge cable but if i plug off it disappeared

  7. Cathy Yancey-Serna Reply

    my Samsung galaxy tablet only stays on the Verizon logo and nothing else
    what's wrong?

  8. I have the same recovery as u, but when i click on the volume down button it keeps dissapearing and doesn't go to a other apply ect. While it normally works good.

  9. Alptekin5885 Reply

    I am on the screen with the warning button and the android guy laying down, but no gui popped up, just the laying down guy. I have an Iconia Tab Acer AC500

  10. Septimiu BOND Reply

    Excellent tutorial ! It worked immediately on Overmax tablet and saved me $30 for "re-softing" (?) at dealer shop in Romania.

  11. two sisters Reply


  12. Sukhwinder Singh Reply

    Thank you this heps me alot !!!! I am happy now. Dude you are owesome

  13. JacksonDoes _YT Reply

    Hi, thanks alot man! Now i can use my tablet again so that i can make animations for my youtube 😀

  14. Tres Marias Reply

    I try to reboot, but it doesn't work . it just turn off. please help. thank you

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