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Full AP Ezreal Top Gameplay! League of legends Ezreal Season 9 gameplay!

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Season 9 Ezreal runes guide League of Legends
Electrocute – Sudden Impact – Eye – Ravenous Hunter
Manaflow Band – Gathering Storm
10 AD + 10 AD + HP

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  1. SoloRenektonOnly Reply

    BOOOOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Solo*NotClickbait*Only here! Hope you guys enjoy this game I told you I would make up for yesterday's short video! ❤️❤️ Check out yesterday's SRO Highlight video for some Preseason to Challenger action -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQrNc326Khk 👍👍

  2. hold up arent u meant to max q first
    oh probs different
    cause of the ap

  3. very hot
    i literarly just looked back at this video
    imma try this out in the bot lane

  4. official zezo Reply

    Mans a stoner I would bet a million dollars lmao, love your shit tho dude taught me a lot

  5. Chaim Gylmir Reply

    This is a clickbait, what exactly were you trying to prove here? Just the items? The real skill was not shown, you gave me false hope.

  6. How the fuck is YouTube going to advertise a child’s game like kingdom hearts with two girls cussing like sailors and talkin about shovin their dicks in someone’s throat wtf

  7. Sunset Echo Reply

    You made that look easy bro 😎.
    Please do a twitch dark harvest top lane!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Holy CRAP! That 3 man ult on elder fight. You turned em fully with one R 😀

  9. You may not see this notification but it seems like you had so much fun playing this you should so this again in the current season

  10. Александр Хантимиров Reply

    What abou hextech gunblade earlier in this build? Lets you regen health in between rotations during teamfights. Gives burst and ad for better cs and more damage as your abilities also have ad scaling

  11. watch yourself > "killing a teemo" .. thats my guy man .. thats my guy .. take it easy on meh broski .. hehe

  12. Micah Madden Reply

    I’ve watched this video 4 or 5 times since you first released it and I don’t even play League anymore. Mike the Legend.

  13. شادو ميكس Shadow Mix Reply

    I only join YouTube to see your videos! Love you and all you videos ! You're amazing ❤

  14. Paddy Senpai Reply

    Really nice to see someone actually maxing W first and E second. Yes. Maxing Q first or even second is just wrong.

  15. Never seen so bad aim in my life, i dont know how you even hit the baron in the pit omg, hahahahah

  16. The Omega Blade Reply

    i mean… it's not click bait as he did do AP Ez, but not sure why it's stated in the title at all

  17. Tony Giwoyna Reply

    Maybe gunblade would’ve been a sick last item. Would work great with ez E into them.

  18. ReznoV Vazileski Reply

    not clickbait
    Hardstruggles for over half the game, finally gets snowballing, whoah I can 1shot people when I'm fed to the point my retarded cousin could win the game.
    Srsly dude if you're gonna explicitly say not clickbait and it's clickbait you gotta expect the unsubs.

  19. Slugger not Reply

    LOL! 36:40 Yi dies in alpha with GA up so the GA swirly effect is spread around where his alpha strikes were at the time!
    Also just noticed this vid is old 🙁

  20. 41:30 THAT ULT omfg! "where's my ult at" – BOOM; that ult got you drake singlehandedly btw

  21. How are these guys gold – diamond? I've seen bronze people with better mechanics. :/

  22. Eric Newton Reply

    Man I hate ezreal even more now.
    E is a teleport, on a ranged mage… wtf?
    W skips minions… wtf?
    Q also skips minions… wtf?
    W procs on towers… double douchebaggery what the holy fuck?

  23. I feel like this build should have nashor's so that your autos actually do something

  24. Defstrike M Reply

    No wonder… it’s iron 2 😂😂😂😂 Imagine bragging about rolling iron players

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