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  1. Proud internet citizen Reply

    Was gonna get a Xiaomi but then I remembered…. MIUI

  2. Harsh Stuff Reply

    My friend says if one device have 710 snap. Processor and 2nd have 665 snap. , Second will have more performance due to android one….Is it right??

  3. I have a question in my mind for long time , if I buy a Android one phone in 2019 which was released in 2018 how many is update I will get pls help me on these

  4. Benjamin Denverstone Reply

    I just found out that the phone I want has stock Android Pie. It's the Nokia 3.1C with Cricket Wireless.

  5. Zamil Hossain Reply

    Bro, what can I do with my stock android phone for "Power schedule on/off function" and "alarm service" when the phone is switched off.

  6. adnan D tuber Reply

    Will the Android one device get updates next to pixel devices?…

  7. Benjamin Owuye Jagun Reply

    I know this is a year old video but thank you for clearing up a few things, especially with Android One and Android Go which was the issue of who handles the updates, now I know it's Google that is responsible for updates for both the Pixel and Android One phones and the OEMs for the Android Go phones. Edit: Android One updates are handled by the OEM and not Google.

  8. Choice Ekpekurede Reply

    Perhaps Huawei and Samsung have the best skins on Android. Stock Android is bland and uninteresting; it's like omelette without salt or pepper.

  9. Sam Pomare Reply

    Android is a big mess. Why can’t they keep it simple.

  10. zain achmad Reply

    hi.. did nokia 1 get an updates to android pie(Go Edition) ?

  11. VJ Auto Tech Reply

    Gary, please say about the stock Android on the other smartphones rather than pixel… example Asus max pro m2

  12. Freddy Krueger Reply

    Android Go is going to vanish in smart phones at the rate processors are advancing.
    Soon even an entry level device is going to have a ton of horse power.

  13. picky player Reply

    U guys forget the best version of Android "Oxygen os" !?
    That's unacceptable from channel like you 😡

  14. Rindhang Mubarak Reply

    i'm using nokia 5 ta 1053 … since 2017 i got security patch update every month until now

  15. Keturunan Rotschild Reply

    everyone said it's a good video,,, but I still don't understand what's the difference between One and Stock

  16. No comment about spyware? I take that they all have google spyware as standard?

  17. QuizAnimated Reply

    I thought you were lew of inbox therapy on the thumb nail

  18. Faisal Hamayun Reply

    Phonephone cost 60k in Pakistan Thanks to our govt Tax.

  19. Still haven't got 9.0 for my Xiaomi A2 Lite. I know it's a cheap device but, even by Google directly, the update still comes late.

  20. Hey, what about internal audio screen recording, does anyone knows a workaround, besides Mobizen headphones, Mobizen app for Samsung and LG devices…on Android 7+, of course.

  21. there is no reason to buy pixel 3 , if there are smartphones which also get always updates immediately. Thank you google , my first and last smartphone from you is pixel 3

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