In this course we will use an SQLite database to build a grocery list app. We will save data into our database, display the results in a RecyclerView using a …




  1. Coding in Flow Reply

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    I added a link to the code into the description box!
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  2. New Subscriber, you have a great voice for tutorials, very clear!

  3. MatiGentelman Reply

    if someone had problem with implement recyclerview… use it

  4. i dont know why it didnt work and didnt show any error so i dont know what was wrong with it 🙁 !

  5. Ramin Sultanzada Reply

    I have a question
    why did you declare the name of the table and column in a separate class ? and not declared in that SQLiteOpenHelper, where you declared the name of the database?

  6. Laxmi Dhakal Reply

    Hey florian I have two database table I want to substract value from one table and add that substracted value in another database table how to do that

  7. Hugo Freyburger Reply

    Hey there!
    I'd like to know your opinion on Apollo GraphQL, if you've already used it before, and if you were planning on making tutorials on it in the near future?

  8. Raden Faiz Reply

    Please help me, How to set the maximum number? Let's say 10.

  9. Learner Tsk Reply

    Hey There I am having difficulty in understanding the purpose of the private constructor GroceryContract(){} ???

  10. Jose Garcia Reply

    recyclerView is not working when i try to sync it!! Can anyone help?

  11. Ledjoric Vermont Reply

    Why did my recyclerview didnt populate? BTW I used two fragments for this (one to input, and one to display)… When I click the fab there is nothing happening and when I go to the MainScreen there is still no item in the recyclerView.. I dont know what is the error in my code, and I dont know if it still added in the database and the mainscreen code is the problem that it wont populate there..
    Please see my codes please help…

  12. Ledjoric Vermont Reply

    Hello, can I implement the same way if I use two fragments.. meaning, I input value in the fragment1 and it will be save in the database and then the recyclerview with cardview / custom layout will be populated by the data????

  13. private Cursor getAllItems() {
    return sqld.query(Contract.Entry.TABLE_NAME,
    Contract.Entry.COLUMN_TIMESTAMP + "DESC"

    return sqld.query(Contract.Entry.TABLE_NAME, <<where the error occured

  14. android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table: list (code 1 SQLITE_ERROR): , while compiling: SELECT * FROM list ORDER BY timestampDESC

    Error found………….. 🙁

  15. Hi sir , I like your professional technology teaching.I want to know how to add two items total in SQLite?

  16. rahul kumar Reply

    hello Sir, I have follow ur code line by line but .. data will not show in recycle View… aslo I will increase verson but the problum will not slove …

  17. rahul kumar Reply

    Sir .. I have get error : E/SQLiteLog: (1) no such column: time_stampDESC .. i have try same code in ur video

  18. Markie Orzame Reply

    Do you have any tutorial for the search button that will show all connected subjects to my ingredients list? I'm planning to put a search button for easy reference of the end-user. Example if i put 1 ham and 1 egg in my ingredients list (just like you do in your tutorial) then i will click the search button and everything will show should be connected to my ingredients list. Is there a way to do that? hoping for your response. This video taught me a lot. Thanks :))

  19. Md. Rejaul Karim Reply

    Thanks Brother you're helping me to learn new techniques in Android Development. I'll meet you at least once, if I come to Germany next year.
    <3 from a younger brother. Stay blessed.

  20. wannaplaytwister Reply

    Excellent guides, really like how clear and concise you are, nice pacing too.

  21. Just watched the first video, and wanna say that this is very interesting and informative, learned lots of staff, thanks) Now it is time to watch the next video) for sure, LIKE)

  22. Scott Biggs Reply

    Excellent tutorial! I have many years programming for android and you have already showed me a few new tricks in just this first video. Thank you!

  23. Just spend a couple hours watching a course on udacity about SQLite … those really help to digest the documentation 😉 / wrap my head around the concept… I feel rdy to follow this excersise here now ;). 4am here xD .. will continue after sleep xD

    I cant wait to finally load data from a database 😀 …

    ps : do you have a playlist link for android developers podcast ? I didnt find one for the latest stuff .Greetings Medy

  24. Here is an ideo for a video (series): maybe you should do more theretic videos. You show here how to use SQLite but I dont really unterstand what it is, what I can do with it in the first place. A comparison to Firebase would be great too. I cant find such tutorials as well and I think you would do a great job on creating these videos!

  25. Hello, I followed all three tutorials and they are great and I have implemented this into my own app! Thank you for the great tutorials!

    One tip – for complete beginners it helps if you add small comments to your code just so we have a better understanding of what some of the code is doing 🙂

    i subscribed too, thanks!

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