Fix “unfortunately the process android process acore has stopped” error on android mobile. error while press home button Unfortunately, …




  1. Ritik Ritik Reply

    unfortunately backup & restore has stopped mera phone lenovo A328 kesekere please please batado

  2. The Cool Panther Reply

    Bro please respond!
    My phone is an Orange Rise 34!
    I have this problem!
    And I have an question!
    If I delete Google play store and Google play settings and Google firmware,do I lose my account and all my apps data (data saved by games or a other accounts like Instragram or Facebook)?
    Pls answer fast!!!

  3. Kumar *Mukesh roy* Reply

    Mera tab phone hai jisame ish tarah likhata hai_ unfortunately,com.mdnsd.uptime.zkri has stopped

  4. Mahi Mahesh Reply

    hello bhaiya how to repair the HTC Desire 626 G+ dual sim same problem bhaiya

  5. Prabhjeet Kaur Dhindsa Reply

    unfotunately , has stopped. is displaying on phn screen .for this what should i have to do , i used ur technique but there is no option for uninstalling

  6. Erduan Ramadani Reply

    I found an app which solves this problem. You can download it from the play store. Here is the link:

  7. Podili Narashimhulu Reply

    help how to solve unfortunately,com.mdnsd.uptime.zkri has stopped

  8. Whenever i download facebook or messenger app or use it , it show the error and i use power saving it solve the problem

  9. Lanzky Nimer Reply

    help! how about
    Unfortunately, has stopped.
    and I can't use my mobile phone

  10. Eureka. It worked. Good job deez. Used it on a huawei y360. Wonder if you could help me get some free coins for dream league?

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