failed linking file resources android my case this error occur because of Drawable another case this error occur any missing file.check and …


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  1. Meia_ Noite Reply

    Another stupid video of how manage this damn issue… don´t waste your time folks

  2. Efe Agbontaen Reply

    This error is very frequent and in some scenarios, very Vague. The solution is usually simple but boring to track down.

    The error almost always originates from a bad XML file….

    I actually created a post. In the post, this error was carefully analyzed in a high level fashion:

  3. Chris Collins Reply

    I have no idea what's going on. Some kind of explanation would be helpful.

  4. tsega eritrea Reply

    would you be able to email me this booking system app source code, im learning java and wanna experitmnet with your code please, email me at thank you

  5. Archita Singh Reply

    I have done all these but still this error is coming

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