You say you’re down on your luck Hey baby It’s a long, long way up Hold back now, hold back your fears You say you’re really down and out And you feel like …


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  1. The first time I heard social distortion, I was hooked…16 years ago. More than half my lifetime. Getting old is a journey but music is always a checkpoint. My two babies will be hearing this for awhile, and the ones to come after. That's how much it means to me.

  2. This song helped me get off heroin many times, and kick methadone….FUCK KICKING METHADONE!!! I hope none of you ever have to deal with that shit

  3. Thiagx Rodriguez Reply

    Amo a social desde argentina muchas noches de locura y de fondo social distortion

  4. Shannon Bauer Reply

    This song got me through sobriety after 15 years of being an addict

  5. Luca D'Antiga Reply

    Non proprio la loro song migliore troppe sonorità alla moda

  6. Elizabeth Baker Reply

    This Band and song have gotten me through a lot of good and bad times in life!!! Love Social D! COME BACK TO UTAH!

  7. Hogheads for breakfast Reply

    I love this song but the add warning me that Google saves info on me to use against me is kinda late, for instance my phone would not let me type Google in lower case letters, try yourself or try to type g-o-o-f-l-e your phone WON'T let you

  8. Gonejackalgaming Reply

    Jurie Du Toit – You will be missed my brother. Rest in peace

  9. Andrea Leoni Reply

    This song helped so many people. And I always get a kick listening to this song and coming to the comments section to find how many people love it and the significance it has for so many. It makes my heart soar.

  10. 2004Bishop Reply

    Fucking almost died earlier this year, walking around with bloodclots I was unaware of in my legs and a damn bacterial infection growing on my heart. 23 days spent in the hospital………been a fan since 1990 and now the songs cut deeper and mean more to me. The verse for "I triumphed in the face of adversity, And I became the man I never thought I'd be, and now my biggest challenge, a thing called love, I guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was"………..I feel that shit. "I don't care about what they say, I wanna marry you some day"…………………feeling that. Old lady and I separated but got in touch with who always stayed alive in my heart and the one person I always believed was the one I should've always been with. Don't know what will happen but we're in constant contact right now although we're far away from each other.

  11. Travis Macchesney Reply

    My girlfriend and I were supposed to dance to this at our wedding. Unfortunately she passed away in an accident 5 days ago. This song will always bring me to tears. I love you Caitlyn. My poptart. Til we meet again.

  12. Brett Winchell Reply

    For some reason I hear a lot of social d in volbeat's music in some ways like a style music or something or the work or whatever or I don't know

  13. Julius Morgan Reply

    holy shit i thought that was some cop cuffing NESS…

  14. Yep
    No irony, that's just an old Texan punk saying I get it and thanx

  15. Shannon Michaels Reply

    Youtube should have a heart button alongside the thumbs up and thumbs down. This song makes me feel that.

  16. Sarah Cappella Reply

    I am going to be 36 this year, this has been a favorite song since I was 16.

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