Many games require you to have immediate access to a ton of critical information like stats, inventory, mission info, and location. Being able to easily access that info when you need it—and only when you need it—is the result of UI designers working very closely with user experience designers. In this video we review the difference between UX and UI design and hear from visual designers and motion graphics artists about some core considerations for designing UI and ensuring a game experience is consistent, cohesive, and immersive.

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  1. LowHPComics Reply

    UI design looks sooo cool and fun to do, the UI in Persona 5 was so f*cking fantastical and eye catchy and I've always loved the HP bar shape in Kingdom Hearts

  2. OneBigMeatball Reply

    riot games really trying to be liked by the other game studios LOL

  3. Sonia here, from 홍익대 (Hongik University) in South Korea, one of the top schools here for Art and Design. This semester I was given a class (that I didn't ask for) outside of my knowledge base– English for Games Graphics Design Majors. I reached out to some of the major professors before the semester started, and several responded by sending me their syllabi and course content (and interesting articles). Of course, I also did a lot of internet searching on my own so that I could get a basic understanding of (and appreciation for) GGD and teach in some context. (I am a 50-something year old woman whose gaming career started with Pong and ended with Ms. PacMan). I have found this series to be life-saving (OK, maybe not, but let's say class-saving!). SYWMG is basically my textbook! The subtitles are on-spot, so students with lower level listening abilities can read along. The graphics are helpful for visual learners (also, for teachers like me who need to connect the words to their concepts), and the length is perfect. I cannot thank you enough for creating these and putting them out there for me to find and use!

  4. the sound in these hurt my ears lol thanks for the great information though

  5. Rodrigo Silva Reply

    Hi guys, it's a kind of hard to find content about this. Somebody knows some course or references about this topic?

  6. Their reson for animations = Responsivnes. My UX = WHY I HAVE TO WAIT AND WATCH THIS ANIMATION 1000 TIMES!!!.

  7. Janel Chang Reply

    Thank you for uploading this information! It is easy and straight forward about the UI design. Before that, I thought that the UI designer create the interactive interface page, after that the UX designer will test on it to see if the UI is functional or not.

  8. Gian Jeconiah Sitompul Reply

    what is the diffrent bettwen gui and ui i dont know diffrent

  9. Pet Cheetah Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this. As a web developer (and gamer), I found this really useful.

  10. Louis Robitaille Reply

    They failed to use their own tips about UI for Aphelios x)

  11. lonely wolf Reply

    I just realized they already prepared for riot forge 1 year ahead

  12. The UI of this video is very good.
    Thanks for yhe great UX i had watching the video. 😆

  13. Marc Dandoy Reply

    One of my dreams as a teen was to be a UX/UI designer for Riot

  14. The music that plays during the presentation of the people is horrible xD but a great video thank you!

  15. Ahmer Waqar Reply

    This video is fantastic – it’s answered all my burning questions in a fun and engaging way. Thanks so much!

  16. "iT MuST bE Ez To uNDersTand"
    >chinese women with heavy accent and extreme slow speaking explains so you dont understand it
    – insta byebye

  17. Russell Perkins Reply

    Question: what authoring software do you use for UI Design in video games? Both Adobe Flash and Autodesk Scaleform are no longer supported. Unreal Engine has their UMG and Blueprints model, but not every developer uses Unreal.

  18. Dear Riot Games,
    I want to wireframe a 2D top-down MMO (like The Escapists 1/2). Do you have any recommendation which Wireframe tool to use in that particular case (Sketcher, Figma, Balsamiq, inVision, …)? In the end, the game should look something between the games you showed in this video min. 0:08 – 0:09 and 8:46 – 8:53.

    PS: Could you please tell me the names of these two games? Thx a lot, keep up the fantastic work. And thank you for this series of videos.

  19. MECH Targeting Systems , Helmet Displays , Ammo Counters , Bugged Shop Who Sells Items When Closing it Quickly .

  20. Natasha Maria Yaa Reply

    Thanks for this!
    I’ve been trying to get work as a UI Artist for soo long. Been getting interviews, passing art tests, but I think I failed every time I got asked ‘what I think’ UI is 😂, I don’t think I understood UI properly.
    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 thanks again

  21. Sleepy Toons Reply

    These videos are really helpful and have inspired me to began making my own game. Rn I'm looking for a team of beginner game makers like myself (this includes writers, artists, ppl to code and basically anyone willinh to help) reply in interested! I'm only a highschooler and no nothing about coding so I'm looking for people who don't mind working on this without payout immediately. I can't guarantee popularity of this game. But I can guarantee it'll be fun to work on. If anyone is interested please reply here!

  22. Doctor Logiq Reply

    Correction: UX is short for "User Experience" if you have Dyslexia.

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