Visit official website for more: This video is a MUST watch for those who are not sure which Tv should they be buying. With such wide variety of smart television in the market you need to be very careful with this 5+ year investment. This video clarifies what is the difference between Android TV and any other smart tv available for sale. My recommendation is Sony Android TV by far. Watch the video to know more.

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43 inch:
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55 inch :

Android Box :

Sony Android TV reviewed. This one is a 43″ W800 series. For the same price I recommend going for and Android TV rather than just for a normal smart TV as it gives you more options and flexibility with downloading apps. Also it does what an Android mobile phone can do. Really happy with this.

Different types of HDTV’s explained for example 1080p TV, 4K Televisions, Smart TV’s, Ultra HD, 4K HDR TV’s and Dolby Vision so that you can have a better understanding when you want to purchase a new Television and the main differences between them. sony nsz gs8
The best Android TV 2016 – Sony Bravia XD93 (X93D) Review !
Different TV’s Explained 1080p, 4K, 4K HDR, ULTRA HD, Smart TV
TV Comparison: Sony Z9D Series, Samsung KS9000, and the LG OLED G6P
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This TV is the :
Sony KDL43W807CSU 43 Inch Smart 3D Youview Android , Sony 49X830C , Sony – 49in – KD49X8307C , Sony BRAVIA KD 43XD8077 live demo

SONY Bravia W800c Review – Android TV 2016 . Sony Bravia Android TV Features Explained

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  1. I don’t have android devices(phones, laptops, etc.) all of the phones in my house are iPhones, which tv is better for me, an Android tv or a smart tv? Thanks for the review by the way!

  2. I really wish YouTube introduces "Indian review" for tech related stuff.

  3. Robert Kelly Reply

    Android TV OS isn’t laggy or sluggish that was all Samsung by LG and fanboy propaganda.

  4. I like this video , no need to discuss a Smart tv if the Android tv is better , I'm going to buy a Android tv .
    Thumbs up

  5. fazal husnain Reply

    kindly name some android models from samsung and sony and LG with working play store thanks


    How to watch channels like ten 1, star sports like we watch on other television??

  7. Jack Daniels Reply

    A great waste of time, all it is is mainly advertising apps, no real comparison between smart & android.

  8. UHD 4K in comparison to Android7 ? what is suiting me more ? what is the difference? Thank you kindly for answer

  9. Brahmaji Yendakurthi Reply

    You never explained about smart tv so change your title 🖕🏻

  10. Romain Le Goaster Reply

    Hello, Is it normal that the sony android interface seems to be really blurry as if the resolution was 720p on sony bravia oled? It is very visible at 1 meter ! Thanks a lot

  11. What is the cons for having the android tv based on ur preferences?

  12. As how much i hate Indian English accent , but i must admit their brief in something is so much helpful and clear

  13. Should I buy a new android tv or shield tv on my old 720p tv 32inch? Wanting to spend under $350 total.

  14. Dheeraj Kumar Gupta Reply

    I have to buy a TV, which I should buy Android TV or smart TV, suggest me please.

  15. Alisahib Alakbarov Reply

    Please help me, which one of tv type – smart tv or simple tv with smart box?

  16. Internet browser options are total rubbish …also remote mouse only works on some functions ..the keyboard will not respond to the mouse .. no problem on LG
    . Any view would be appreciated

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