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  1. China Smartphone Reply

    This video with English audio comment you can see in link :

  2. well after i watched this i find that both boxs used was both fakes both boxs are not propper boxs one has you tube in the big button one has kd player on the same button that proves there both fakes only the origanls have KODI in the middle button with the KODI logo any of the others are 100% fakes trying to copy the origanal smart tv box regardless of box packing or look if its not got KODI with the logo where the KD player or YOU TUBE player is then you have a fake thats been jail broken

  3. Hector Lopez Reply

    En serio hay que llamar a Madame Calalu para entender esto es una burla

  4. IPTV Dubaiking2019 Reply

    Both copy fake mi box
    Fire tv stick or cube the best in 2020 don’t waste your money for buying cheap box for little different

  5. Николай Инин Reply

    И все таки какой лучше какой выбрать…

  6. Clash Royale God-mode-on Reply

    Пацталом,китайская подделка))

  7. Donald smart zamora Reply

    Amigo que significa falso? Allí Yo no veo falso, los dos son x96 Box solo que talvez viene de diferentes empresas pero es el mismo x90…… cuando es falso si yo te digo el presidente de estados unidos es el Sr. Manuel López obrador eso es falso porque que falso x que obrador es el presidente de México o en otra forma si te doy un x96 y con un Nintendo de los 90 y te diré que los dos son x96 eso si es falso porque el otro no es x96 aprenda no sean bobos

  8. george facelli Reply

    Adivia, adivinador! El de la izquierda es el original porque tiene el manual más grande. 😅

  9. Deepak Kumar Reply

    After receiving the product…we can verify….how to verify while booking…???😢😢😢😢

  10. I wanted some teardown to see if the internals are cheaper on one model. From what i've seen they look like they are both real or fake. No real difference.

  11. United Agro Chemicals Reply

    full black is original ?? am i right, pls confirm me.

  12. Non of them is fake. There are companies, they produce the design, the layout and the knowhow for other companies, who don´t have the the technology and possibilities, to design a TV-box by themselve. Now they can produce those products under their own brandname.


    Both the products are genuine, none are duplicate..the only differrence is the brand name whose marketing this product and specs difference of the individual..

  14. do you know how to use airplay or mirror screen using airplay on this box? i have macbook pro and i want to mirror the macbook pro screen using x96 airplay? thanks

  15. hisham abdul hai Reply

    What do you mean by original or fake? All TV boxes are made in china and use the same logic board. And why the fuck there is no single word. Huge thumbs down to the idiot of the channel.

  16. Karol Aguirre Saavedra Reply

    Oye amigo seguro tú grabadora tampoco es original porque no graba con audio 😂😂

  17. Nikilesh Sai Reply

    How could I know which one is fake? At least you have to highlight it.

  18. Chris Smith Reply

    Both boxes are the same and made in the same 3 mile strip in Shenzhen China with the exact same USED RAM and USED EMMC that ALL these garbage level boxes get. They buy big bags of used ram from older cell phones or old stock from phones that didnt get built…. All Junk.

  19. who JahBless Reply

    11 minutes of bordem when you can just warn people which is real which is fake.

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