This is the first video of the upcoming series on Services in Android. In this video we discuss about what is a Service in Android, why is is used and how it is …




  1. Hassam Ali Janjua Reply

    Sir Kindly tell me that how to open UI activity on any event occur in background service!

  2. Ahmad Yulia Rizqy Fahmi Reply

    I'm still confusing why the activity and services run in the same thread id, you said it should be different?

  3. Prashanth Appani Reply

    if we dont stop service, does it continuously start running in back ground even when app is killed (when app completly closed), please sir replay to this

  4. Hey thank you so much..! I managed to get a job of package 6.0 near to my home town…! just watching all your android Tutorials…! I could easily crack interview for position Software engeener (ios/Android developer)…! Keep it up and…! And I would wish to see all advanced concept of android and iOS tutorials in future…! 6.0 is not big but I am happy with it.

  5. Sunil Singh Reply

    how to start long running serivce in now in andorid PIE it wont working now

  6. M S H Sajal Reply

    Your tutorial is the best. My request to you is for making a tutorial on JobService and JobIntentService. Thank you.

  7. Moksh Mahajan Reply

    Sir, Please make a tutorial series on Android testing.

  8. Bruno Doss Reply

    Do you tutorial for background service Android oreo version and above

  9. Abhishek Aryan Reply

    I like the content of your tutorial..but request kindly form the video using small project related to it..will more helpful to us..thanks …appreciate your work

  10. Fernando Pretell Lozano Reply

    saludos maestro, tus clases son geniales, lastima que no esten dobladas al español….

  11. Veronika v Reply

    you are amazing teacher, you deserve 1M+ subs,#respect from depth of my heart

  12. Sanat Mondal Reply

    If I start a service by pressing a startService button and then i close the app forcefully. and after open the app again is it possible to stop the service by pressing a stopservice button that i have start previously.

  13. Rethinavel Natarajan Reply

    I guess we can stop the service by stopService(serviceIntent) from MainActivity. Don't we?

  14. Xelium Reflex Reply

    Please provide a tutorial on MVVM and MVP also. Great Help

  15. Muhammad Shoaib Murtaza Reply

    where is the link for Internal Intent & External Intent tutorial??

  16. Devpushp Ohri Reply

    Dear Anil, Can you please make video on IntentService concept ?


    Best tuts i have seen so far, quick and straightforward.

  18. sathish kotra Reply

    I need learn service where we can use in real time and intent sevice

  19. Praveen Sirugudi Reply

    Hi Sir, I have gone through your complete services tutorials and they were awesome and gained good knowledge on services especially binding the data remotely.Sir, I have two following requests
    1.Difference between Intentservice and service and the implementation of IntentService.
    2.Sir, could you please provide me any reference for starting/stopping the music player or starting/stopping the torch as a service(START_STICKY).

  20. sir what is difference between getApplicationContext ,getBaseContext,getContext ?

  21. Mukul Panchakarla Reply

    hi Anil, I am about to complete my engineering, are there any job opportunities in India based on Android Development?

  22. TechTutsPedia Reply

    Sir, I liked your tutorials you have explained very well. Can you make some tutorials on Dagger and RxAndroid/RxJava.

  23. we dont need 60FPS video. Plz make 720 and 1080p without 60 fps

  24. the UNknown Reply

    Sir what about the stopsercive() method used to stop the service?

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