Saving Image And Text Into SQLite database – Custom GridView in Android How to insert data from EditText and ImageView into SQLite database in Android?




  1. Chandhini Ramachandran Reply

    In this video how to add select item to a cart table and also display in cart

  2. PAVITHRA S Reply

    How to create a search view for Grid view adapter in this video?……..

  3. Marijane Jose Reply

    Hello Quoc Nguyen.. can u help i cant find a solution to this error: Row to big to fit into CursorWindow requiredPos=0, totalRows=3.

    Thank for the reponse

  4. Ahmed Emam Reply

    hi I'm having a problem with the foodlist button and I tried the method when I change the quality but it doesn't work does anyone have a solution

  5. risang wahyudi Reply

    Please Help me broo..Data add successfully, but on food list not found Data

  6. Rahul Yadav Reply

    gettng error has cannot convert adaptive image drawable to Bitmap image

  7. Otori Shingen Reply

    I love youre straight forward no -> rambling -> minimalistic tutorials.
    I learned in two Videos more than in i did in weeks before of books and blogs.
    Thank you 👏

  8. vãi tìm mãi tiếng việt ko ra qua đây thấy người việt làm video

  9. Can anyone help me? On gridview, it just show 2 data from 4 data that i input

  10. Pradeep Rai Reply

    Can you please ma e a video on Add to cart and Payment getaway? plez

  11. Neha Kansagara Reply

    great tutorial…
    actually i have checkboxes from recyclerview that state and item store in sqlite …how can i do this plz guide me….

  12. Sury Rosales Reply

    Hello, I'm new to this, can you tell me how to create the dimens folder with its dimes.xml and dimens.xml (w820dp), please

  13. Arif Hidayat Reply

    Can you tell me why foodlist in my hp can't display anything?

  14. Nadia CHAOUQI Reply

    can someone help me the tutorial is great but when i click at foodlist the app show me the the login interface and colse app what can i do to fix this error? pleaz i need help imediatly

  15. Harshit Singh Reply

    Sir i am getting error in this line ,

    Please help,stuck for 2 days

  16. Raghvendra Kumar Tiwari Reply

    When Click on FOOD LIST, it is not showing anything, I checked Cursor length, it works, but after setting in list, list size shows 0

  17. Bernadett Gal Reply

    Why doesn`t appear my foodlist? Appears just an empty activity

  18. Ginna Mann Reply

    bro your query method does not work i have to write the query in the database class to make it work and the intent for gallery is saying no activity found to handle?

  19. Raj Chokshi Reply

    i got error 20:32 part of video in "int id = cursor.getInt(0);"

  20. Raaj Kanchan Reply

    new String[] {Manifest.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE}, is this an anonymous class?

  21. Raquel Aranda Reply

    Ante todo muchas gracias. Un video genial. He seguido todos los pasos pero me da error en database.compiStatement. Dice que hay 3 columnas y 4 valores. Le he quitado el NULL a la sentencia SQL, pero ahora me traslada el error al statement.executeInsert(). y dice "mismatch (?,?,?)" (no coincide). Sabes en qué estoy fallando?

  22. Donald Duck Reply

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Couldn't read row 0, col 0 from CursorWindow. Make sure the Cursor is initialized correctly before accessing data from it.


  23. Hi this is a very nice video tutorial,, but once I tried to ran the program it says:
    cannot resolve method 'requestPermissions(____.MainActivity,java.lang.String[], int)
    Thank you for your help! 🙂

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  25. Raja Jai Singh Reply

    Best vedio i hv seen .thank you…many topics revised. And truly i loved it…!!

  26. Ajay Sonawane Reply

    List btn and add btn activity isnt working it didn't toast that record has been inserted i've type all code correctly the app is starting it accepts image but does not showing it or is it even saving it or not

  27. Helder Silva Reply

    Hi there, awesome video, everything is fine, i get my data to DB, but when i click to view list of items, i get blank activity

  28. not find part 2 and 3, please sending link part 2 and 3, thank you admin

  29. This tutorial is helpful . thank you so much
    Please how can I create more than one table in the sqlkte databse you created .

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