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RB Leipzig vs Tottenham 3-0 – HIGHLIGHTS and GOALS RESUMEN & GOLES 2020 #RBLTOT #Spursy

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  1. Carl Braunn Reply

    Remember when he recommend Liverpool fans to sack Klopp? Look what happen to Liverpool now.

  2. Absolute agree with you , worst decision in spurs history sacking Poch , 2nd worst appointing Mourinho, Im a spurs fan for 45 years and all the great work Poch done is now undone , Poch said after Ndombele debut said we have only seen 30 to 40 per cent of him , he has incredible potential,Ndombele was playing 5 division of French football 4 years ago , he has 1 full season in French top division and became hottest properties in football , he came to spurs for Poch , a new country a new league and to throw him under the bus is absurd and disgraceful , did Mourinho not know this and it proves just how good a manager Poch is ,he got the best out of this group , he got us to over perform for 3 seasons , he kept saying we need to freshen up the squa, so sack Mourinho as quick as poss

  3. abiodun odeleye Reply

    Good thing club execs don’t listen to “experts” fans.
    Re Arsenal fans who wanted Mourinho after Emery was fired!

    And I was happy when Tottenham hired him.

  4. Oliver Forway Reply

    I don't rate Mourinho anymore but Tottenham have only just appointed him so why would they sack him now 😂

  5. Aydin Dervish Reply

    jose always wants to be the centre of attention ..i think he's ego is getting more n more in the way

  6. Deeplays Gaming Reply

    You know what mourhinos toxic, before it was pogba and nows its ndombele, he critiques players too much and cause rift in dressing room i can tell, ill give solskaer props for not doing that, he doesnt blame individual players and focuses on the team he may not have the experience but he seems to get on well regardless of results and now things are good hes not bogged down with dressing room rifts. mourhino is done.

  7. Howzit Bru Howzit Bru Reply

    Totenham this season lost their two greatest individuals at the club. Eriksen who was their best player by a mile and Poch their manager.

  8. Poch couldn't take them to winning leagues of Champions league, but I think it was a case of just buying a couple more players and they would of won leagues etc

  9. Harsh Unveiled Reply

    I don't understand… how a guy? who doesn't have any experience of top tier football management and coaching can make such stupid remarks about one of the greatest manager of all time…wait for a year or two… we will contact then…

  10. Rui Faria is the genius behind Mourinho's success. Mourinho just takes all the credit. Without Faria, Mourinho is just another manager.

  11. Mr Wilson82 Reply

    There's goes those titles again. 😂😂😂 he's not gonna "GET SACKED NOW". Unfortunately or fortunately, depends on which way you look at it, the injures have bought him time so he will get next season at least.

  12. ochieng vincent Reply

    Mourinho is a fool! He used to humiliate arsene wenger that he is a failure. Now am so happy it has turned to heat his stupid foot 🦶🤓🤓🤓. He should have learnt to respect his elders in football. I want him to be sacked like yesterday 🔥

  13. linda stanley Reply

    Middle end to top end team?? Wtf are you smoking lad 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  14. linda stanley Reply

    You are a toxic moron…I insist you stop talking bollox 🙄🙄😂

  15. fantar sprite Reply

    he was doing alright with kane and heung scoring goals they are both injured 2 huge players who spurs are missing jose deserves another season for sure he's not done dusted just yet best players are injured what would man utd be without martial bruno you wanting mourinho to be sacked already is laughable some of your opinions are way too sensationalist and other times you are bang on mourinho certainly should have another season to see wat he can achieve with new signings and kane back also one of the best wingers in the league heung and leipzig are a very good team

  16. I'm surprised Terry isn't divorced yet re amount of time spent in front of football terrace camera 😂😂😂

  17. Amadeus Nyika Reply

    Can someone explain to me why Jose Mourinho is the only manager that seems to not be given time? He has been at the club for 6 months. I don't know what miracles were meant to occur.

    Spurs were struggling before he came, even without the injuries to their best players. I don't what people expected

  18. MarbleHalls TV Reply

    there is no power shift terry. they haven't won more than us, and finishing above us is nothing. they fnished second but then we won an FA Cup. power shift is liverpool AND City over United. 😉

  19. Don’t worry Terry it would’ve have been man united getting spanked if they made 4th last year, enjoy your Europa run

  20. Ahmed Hussein Reply

    This is guy is biapolar he said Pochettino should be sacked and was the right move

  21. Tottenham have a finished squad. Comes mid season, no window. Come on. Sacking him is radical and would show his appointment was not well thought out if u think he is going to do well carrying on Poch work.

  22. I can't believe that this one commenter called RB Leipzig an average German team. That's very disrespectful! RB Leipzig are in the race for the Bundesliga title and drew with Bayern Munich twice (1:1, 0:0) this campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if they make the Champions League semi-final.

  23. Craig Barlow Reply

    Firstly Chelsea get humiliation at Stamford Bridge now Spurs and English fans say the Bundesliga isn't strong lol …Yet Manchester Utd fans want champions league lmfao you'll get humiliation last time you was in it Wolfsburg another German team knocked you out in the group stage .
    As a Arsenal fan my team wouldn't be able to compete in the competition , the Europa league is the level at the moment same as Utd there is realism then there's fan dreaming .

  24. Mourinhofans TV Reply

    Your short memories as Spurs fans is the main problem hindering your team’s progress. You forgot so soon that Bayern came to disgrace your team in your home ground 7-2 with Pochetino in charge. And Bayern struggle against Leipzig. Go and coach the team yourself

  25. Mourinhofans TV Reply

    This guy is total nuts. What the hell is he talking about? Sack Jose? For how long has Tottenham been bad even with key players fit? I have no idea why Mourinho stooped so low to accept your lazy, team in the first place. He should have allowed you to linger in relegation battle as was looking inevitable. If I were Jose I would even walk away?

  26. Nectau Morales Reply

    Why are you speaking like that are you angry to Moreno what I don’t like the way you speaking

  27. Jonathan Ball Reply

    I always said the genius of SAF that it was his ability to reimagine himself and his teams… he was a superb man manager which overcame a naive tactical mind at times… he created 3 incredible teams, importantly understood how and when to promote and use youth, but maybe the most important thing was he surrounded himself with good coaches who he would re-invigorate with new blood regularly… the players always said it was the coaches that took the training sessions… Jose was potentially the greatest manager of his generation, but to be a true great you have to transcend your generation like Fergie achieved….


    We are going to demolish spurs we got Bruno and ighalo they are 10 times better than this stupid spurs team 😂😂😂 Rip spurs your trophies are finished done dusted make way for Manchester United ggmu pochettino was better than this stupid Jose let me tell you a fact Jose has never gotten spurs to the champions league when pochettino has 😂😂😂 spurs are a disgrace what abomination to hire this loser of a man who cost us our success but now I am glad you left never wanna see you again so happy 😁 we are back to the promise land without Jose juhnio😂😂😂 we are the real deal we beat city 2 times 2 times you only beat them once we beat them in the carbo cup we smashed them again in the carbo cup and now we destroyed them again Manchester United is far better than spurs and that’s a fact 😍

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