In this video, I show you how to install Android 9 Android Pie on your old or new Laptop Or Desktop PC using bliss os. Turn your pc into an Android PC! And yes …





  2. i got an intel nuc dc3217iye, and what ever i do i cannot install android on it… can you help ?

  3. Prime os, es una mejor opcion si quieres jugar pero si es para cosas normales estara bien bliss os

  4. Daniel Carney Reply

    Which of these Android OS's for PC do you think use the least resources. Love the channel. Thank you.

  5. Koushik Reddy Reply

    Can I install this in a RYZEN system with integrated VEGA 8 graphics? will the system be able to take advantage of the graphics without additional driver installation?

  6. Francisco Javier Reply

    Good video, install Android 9.0 on my notebook but when I turn off and pre-order the notebook is uninstalled. What can I do? thanks for your help.

  7. Chase Ishmael Reply

    could it be work fine on atlhon x2 215, 2gb ram, ssd and gt 710?

  8. Alif Chaidir Reply

    When installing, it always said no operating system installed. I use auto install thing

  9. Zaldy Iratay Reply

    Hi! what if i don't have a wireless wifi adapter only lan cable for internet , it will work or not? thank you.

  10. after installation I can use my windows too and how please explain

  11. I have a Android 9 UEFI original (no bliss) dual boot Windows 10 tutorial

  12. anyone would know why none of the game i download work. i installed android 9 first and even 8.2 but games wont run, like call of duty mobile and xbox streaming

  13. Andrew Singleton Reply

    Any thoughts on this vs chromeOS on a cheaper laptop? One of those holiday 'we need to get rid of this' deals. that or grabbing the original pixelbook from google and putting this on it.

  14. Hi. Anyone has installed to Samsung Galaxy Book 12 core i5?
    I read something like it doesn't work wifi in Google search. Is this the only problem? Is there any fix?
    If anyone knows, thanks.

  15. Purnima Maity Reply

    does it have widevine l3 certificate atleast??can we play netflix,hotstar on it?

  16. Karmit Frog Reply

    can you suggest me best sbc for android

    can i use tinkerboard without emmc version for android

  17. Excuse me, can I install it on flash usb and running it from by booting directly from flash disc?

  18. Oblivion ODIN Reply

    How do i run Call of Duty or Mech Champion in Bliss os, my OS Crash's kindly make a guide How to set up games in these OS

  19. DarkKnight731 Reply

    Thought there was no play store ? For some reason mine came with it pre installed…

  20. Catalyst Vo Reply

    wooow its awsome man.
    There is no way to install it on HDD without wipe any data???

  21. Thanks, now i have a pc that doesnt boot up. Screen just go black when i lunch the os.

  22. Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337 Reply

    With the latest Reicast and older versions nothing worked. And Bliss OS Bluetooth kept crashing when trying to discover devices. Great tutorial but it didn't work out for me. I even tried Phoenix OS and Android x86. Android x86 came the closest but the games would hang up at the games title screen and freeze. But on my Pixel 2 latest Reicast works and even online gameplay. But stupid Pixel phones need a Chromecast to Screencast and that's why I was looking for an alternative to be able to play on the TV. Oh well. I ordered an Xbox controller attachment to put my phone on it. That's the best I could do for now. Cheers.

  23. question is it supporting sound from hdmi from pc to TV?? i have install android-x86_64-8.1-r2.iso but there is no sound!

  24. The Taskbar flickers like crazy for me to the point where it's unusable…lol. Reinstalled it, same issue. I'm going to try running some of the other Windows 10 style taskbars available on the Play Store which Bliss does come with now. Bliss is nice cuz Morph Tv works on it unlike Phoenix and Prime os.

  25. Demon's Gaming Bureau Reply

    bro installed it with usb on uefi bootloader! after install i reboot my device! then i open bliss os there is bootlloop only shown

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